The Fountain of Youth

Thursday, February 05, 2009

an himself tried to find the fountain of youth since medieval times. They tried to find a solution on immortality or how to even look ageless. Nobody really had succeeded in doing so but there are definitely some remedies that can let you look younger from soaps, lotions and other procedures where doctors are concerned.

No one should practice medical procedures without proper training and education. Doctors these days should always be updated with the latest procedures so that they can do it safely and efficiently. There are horror stories I know but these can all be prevented with education. Doctors should always check information about current technologies so if in case there are some matters that you could not resolve, then you could see if the procedures other people have done would work and be the best one for their patients. Our lives are important so we should never consider being guinea pigs for trial and error experiments and should only see the ones who know what they are doing.

I’m not that old and I don’t plan to have someone meddle with what God gave to me because as far as I’m concerned I don’t really look that bad. As a matter of fact I am good looking. Modesty aside I am symmetrical and looks are sometimes is measured with that. If you plan to see a medical professional soon, make sure they also get a botox training course refresher. They can forget things too, so getting them into this course would definitely make them still at par with world standards. Make sure they check out for video instructional manuals so they won’t make mistakes on your face. We wouldn’t want that right?


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