TOYOTA Fortuner Launch Set at 6PM!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

The new Toyota Fortuner will be released today and yes, I’m sure everybody is excited. I’ve seen the safety features and that alone can be a factor to purchase it. It is as cool, smart and strong as you are, with the macho look, the power to lead.

7 seater cabin, big body, bigger clearance, consistently 32% market share and they want to maintain that. Perfect for business, career and family, standard variants G V Q and the LTD variant are available. It is sure standout so you can differentiate it from other grades. 

Aside from exterior changes, comfort is a priority for the interior. Add to that, it has fuel efficiency, sport mode and tons of safety technology. Pre collision system, lane departure alert, will save you from harm when it matters most. The LTD variant has a two toned roof exclusive for that grade.

It starts 1,633,000 -2,244,000 pesos (depending on model), and has periodic maintenance with it.

If you want to know more, please proceed to the official launch at 6pm via the Toyota Motors Philippines Facebook and Youtube Channel.


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