Shopee's Got the WW84 Fever On!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Your Wonder Woman 84 Background for virtual meetings courtesy of DC!

Every girls dream superhero will get to be on the silver screen again for WW84. Wonder Woman was born to Amazons, a tribe of warrior women. She is a founding member of the Justice League, dons a sword, shield, a lasso, an invisible jet, healing factor, superhuman strength, superhuman speed and tons of other things we've learned about her. She first appeared in All Star Comics #8, and eventually on her own in Sensation Comics #1.

Well, I'm here to tell you that her merch is all over popular shopping app Shopee. Since Wonder Woman 1984 is quite near, I guess you've got to get these things before they run out. I mean nobody at the theaters or at home should be caught not wearing these DC/WW84 items right? So I did the best thing for you and compiled them all here!

WW84 Wonder Woman™ Battle-Ready Doll

DC Toon Alley shirts

Official Spinmaster Toys

Official Kidz Only Shop

Batman Hotwheels 5 Pack

And this super hero comes with a few WONDER deals too. You can get Php 84 OFF on participating DC merch and shops just by using the code DCSUPERHEROES when checking out. You also get the chance to win a Wonder Woman Mask with a minimum Php 1,000 purchase, you get 1 raffle entry. The top spender can win DC merchandise worth Php 20,000 so check out the items here as early as now.

This top spender thing will be up until Oct 19 only, so make sure you check out things on your cart before that date okay?! Download Shopee off Google Play or the App Store, or here.

To make you a little more excited before the premiere, take a look at this trailer:

You go girl!


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