The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs

Sunday, October 25, 2020

LA, Gretchen and Iman. Photo from Gretchen Ho's FB page.

It was an awesome night of music as the people from up and coming music label 7K showcased their talents and introduced a new show called “The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs.” They're no stranger to making music but doing this so they would be able to discover more talent and good Christmas music in the country is such a noble act.

For those who don't know, “The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs" is an online reality show in the search for talent and music that embodies how hopeful we are as Filipinos in this time of pandemic. Last October 16, we have had the chance to listen to legendary Jett Pangan (whom I listen to when I was a kid) and Gretchen Ho who gave much inspiration to us, the artists who plan to join and the other talents of 7K who were there that evening.

7K Sounds founder and artist LA Santos will be hosting the show together with Gretchen Ho and vlogger Iman Franchesca. They will also be joined by singer-songwriter and former frontwoman of General Luna Nicole Asensio. They will be also sharing their experiences so viewers, not just contestants, would be able to learn a thing or two about the music industry. The show ill be aired every Friday at 7PM on the official 7K Sounds Facebook Page. So if you are looking for a avenue to get into the music scene, “The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs" might be a good place to start.

The music label 7K Sounds wishes to get talent from across the country, they also do music production and distribution. They also ventured into creating online content and events, if you're interested in joining the competition, they listed the requirements here.

Good luck, and don't f it up!


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