100 Years of World Class Hardware Solutions: Co Ban Kiat Hardware

Monday, October 05, 2020

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is celebrating 100 years in the country. This stands as a remarkable feat for a company that started retail concepts in the hardware market in the  Philippines. Today, they continue to provide world class hardware solutions around the country.

From their humble beginnings in Binondo Manila during the early 1920s, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. initially did the wholesale buy and sell hardware business. As you may know, World War II happened during those years and Manila was in shambles. Rising from the ashes of war, Co Ban Kiat slowly resumed business with a the makeshift shanty and begun helping people in rebuild their homes and establishments by providing hardware materials during reconstruction.

In 1952, CBK Hardware was formed and market expansion efforts were made.  Business flourished and prospered further due to the fourth generation of the Cobankiat family under the leadership of Johnny Cobankiat. His accomplishments include the inauguration of Hardware Workshop as the first retail hardware chain of stores, Coby's Design Center as a means to answer the increasing demand of high-end architectural hardware products and the accreditation and introduction of Ace Hardware USA in the country, with CBK Hardware Inc. as one of its suppliers. CBK Hardware now is now towards its journey to supply the country with world-class, life-improving technological and hardware solutions.
Its promising milestone of achieving a century of excellence was made possible with a wide-ranging portfolio of products. Over the years, Co Ban Kiat Hardware consistently expanding its products with a one common personality; the highest quality only and its vision to be the largest network of supplier of the biggest brands in the world for hardware industry. This vision was made possible by partnering with 68 trusted global brands of building materials, electrical, houseware, power equipment, outdoor, plumbing, hand and power tools, encompassing completely any product type for building and construction and home comfort. A key source champion global hardware products including Stanley, Lincoln Electric, Baldwin, Chubbsafes, Dormakaba, Facom, Fairbanks Scales, Nilfisk Professional Cleaning Equipment, Westinghouse, Yale Locks, and more. These brands are all being smoothly distributed to customers who want to get more bang for their buck when it comes to home and facility improvement, safety and security, D.I.Y projects, energy conservation, cleaning solutions, and the like. Supplied and shared out by CBK Hardware Inc., these brands are truly together in excellence.
The founding belief of the company to provide the Filipino access to quality products was translated by the expansion of its geographic presence, supplying to over 2000 partner wholesale and retail stores nationwide, which includes D.I.Y stores, traditional hardware stores, depots, and much more for 68 brands and over 6,000 SKUs. CBK Hardware utilizes wide array of its product portfolio to realize market leadership in every market segment. Solidifying its distribution network is the integration of well-known business sectors and boasts an expansive list of automotive, hospitality, service, and other industry clientele as well as distinguished real estate developers and construction companies nationwide considering CBK Hardware as the most trusted supplier.  Reaping the benefits of ecommerce, CBK Hardware prides itself to be the first hardware distributor to aggressively offer products online through several ecommerce platforms and to its social media accounts.
Business in the hardware industry is not the only way the brand is helping the world become a better place. CBK Hardware Inc. is also partaking in multiple advocacies, philanthropic endeavors, humanitarianism, and charity work, because those in the company are wholeheartedly committed to contributing towards the growth of society and the environment. Hundreds if not thousands of people from different walks of life have benefited from CBK Hardware Inc.’s initiatives, from the intensive CSR programs to the hardware donations for the improvement of living facilities. The goodwill of CBK Hardware Inc., was also gifted to the neglected children and elders by teaming up with many GOs and NGOs.  And as part of 100 years celebration, Co Ban Kiat Hardware will massively deepen its dedication to create valuable contributions to the society and environment by launching 100 Years Donation Drive, a 10-month long CSR project that aims to help 100 organizations.
As the company enters a new century, there will be even more local and global brands to acquire and form partnerships with, more ways to help out and give back to the community, more homes and buildings to improve using many tools and appliances the brand has in its disposal, and more individuals to help in any way.
Going forward, Philippines will expect Co Ban Kiat Hardware to remain true to its heritage of providing more years of world class hardware solutions.
To inquire online, visit https://www.cbkhardware.com/. Follow their social media account: www.facebook.com/CBKHardware and join CBK Viber Community: https://bit.ly/2S4N8KB.

Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. is the preferred and trusted distributor of home improvement and hardware products in the Philippines. With its wide range of products from 68 global hardware brands and more than 2000 distribution channels, CBK Hardware is committed to provide more years of world class hardware solutions to Filipino homes and several industries.


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