AIA Philam Life's Coffee Closing Project

Friday, October 30, 2020

I've had my share of horror stories with companies taking the whole lot of procedures just for a single transaction which could have just been a simple verification on a computer screen. The wasted hours, the skipping of lunch and a hot head made me furious, a lot in fact that I just decided to call it a day and leave that place. 

This morning, I got to see the light. Although we are still under GCQ, the folks at AIA PhilAm Life showed us how their company is making headway in making not just providing the apt plans, but improving procedures in a project they call AIA Philam Life's Coffee Closing Project. Gone are the days of physically meeting up at coffee shops just so you could get a policy work for you. The tons of papers, printing, photocopying and presentations while having a cup of joe beside each other should be inexistent for safety reasons. Makes sense?

AIA Philam Life's Coffee Closing Project simplified things in three-steps. With this, all it takes now is 20 minutes. From e-Submission, e-Signature and e-Payment, things get simple as everything is online. Agents utilize an AIA Philam Life iPad-based interactive Point- of-Sale (iPoS) tool. This produces a secure link for transactions, powered by Fusion, an AI-powered and award- winning digital underwriting platform which validates insurance applications. Imagine that!

Ms. Bernadette Chincuanco Head of Banking and Communications at AIA PhilAm Life says “We are very excited about this as we streamline our procedures and adapting to what our customers need at these times, I don't want to spoil it for you!"

AIA CEO Kelvin Ang says “Good to see everyone. We have challenges this pandemic and in ways it has made us see the digital capabilities and now we have to fast track and customers have asked us to quicken the process, we had to step up with innovation we recently shared and it has won us awards. Today we are able to power and enable us to do it in a faster more efficient ways for our customers. I am looking forward to catch up with everyone soon, we have a lot of cool things we're doing."

Margarita Lopez the Chief of Operations Officer of AIA Philam Life explained Coffee Closing saying “This is digital end to end and can be done in 3 steps. Submit documents, Pay and Confirm. After that they can access it in under 20 minutes. AIA PhilAm Life can send details online securely, signed digitally and get it under that amount of time. It saves us time, you get instant coverage and do it before finishing a cup of coffee. The customer portal can also be accessed from anywhere, plus an entire village of customer centric PhilAm agents to help along the way. We want our promise of protection to be available and easy to claim from us, AIA Coffee Closing was born during the pandemic, and now is available on Facebook messenger without having to go to any of our centers. We talk to clients and bring this integrated platform in an agile manner. We also use analytics to see what matters to our customers.”

Ms. Necy Santiago the Head of Customer Experience explained “Our customers feedback told us our signing process was complicated and we had to do something not complicated. We want to get them onboard and assure protection. It enabled us to work on a prototype to give them offers all within the week with a design sprint. From concept to implementation in three months, we were able to overdrive our success and give it to the customers who will enjoy them. The problems which we usually not see, we saw it and a lot of them needed help, it made us realize we need to address it and bridge the gap. We took that to heart after validation, it was easy to implement and very clear in that development period. We learned our customers was ready to help us, it is also our duty to reimagine solutions and collaborate to address matters. We got a mix of people, and our customers had given us really nice feedback making our processes even better.”

Mr. Emmanuel Mendoza the Chief Technology Officer of AIA PhilAm Life says “Bracing the concept of having necessities is one concept I heard from our events. We will continue to develop technology, analytics for the fully modern architecture to scale our productivity. It will power us with better understanding of our customers, to keep our agents educated physically and digitally; to make sure we have events for them even more in the pandemic. We are in a good position to provide not to just be there but do transformation programs and be a leader globally.” 

If you want to know more about AIA Philam Life, visit their site at and their social pages on FB or their email You can also call them via (02)8528- 2000.


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