What will happen in the Shopee 10.10 Brands Sale?

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

The country’s online shopping haven Shopee  is holding their 10.10 Brands Festival this October 10th together with brand giants on the Shopee app. Deals and giveaways are going to be available to lucky shoppers and yes, other stores and merchants will join in the fun.

Martin Yu the Associate Director for Shopee Philippines says “2020 has changed the way we shop and how our brands sell. 60 percent increase happened in the past few months and yes, they continue to be part of our marketing and campaigns with out biggest shopping event in the region. October 6 will get brands cashback sale, shopee payday sale on the 8th and advanced voucher on the 9th. This 10.10 you will get to have free shipping with no minimum spend, and a lot more. We will also have the 10.10 Brands Festival on October 10 at 10am on GMA. Maybelline, Unilever, Vivo and a lot more will be doing deals. Bianca Umali, Gabbi Garcia and 4th Impact will be performing on the show so stay tuned!”

18,000 brands trust Shopee and make shopping online easy, secure and fast. Brand testimonials happened earlier during their press conference.

Jackie Mañago of Unilever Philippines says “Consumer priorities are changed, at this time safety, hygiene and convenience counts. Our partnership with them include using Shopee’s tools, grounded on our purpose like helping small businesses. We launched Beauty that Cares last month where proceeds went to sme’s on the platform. The cover page, the live streams, we ran more of these than ever before and get people to win prizes too while shopping. We also formed loyal following, to drive business targets.”

Marx Benedict So of Alaska says “As a grocery brand we had challenges getting our products, and the platform provided ideal placements and higher conversions. Our consumers were buying in bulk, thanks to Shopee we checked how they got our products, target consumers who are not aware of our brand and it has been very rewarding!”

Realme Marketing Lead Eason De Guzman says “Contactless shopping was needed since malls closed and Shopee has done that for us. We have had the fastest sold out happen in the platform, their unique marketing got us good leads and sustained sales. The livestream, the banners and gadgetzone gave us good visibility and as a result, our campaigns were successful. More people will enjoy this coming 10.10 and realme will be part of that.”

Thanks to Silent Sanctuary for providing entertainment :)

10.10 will be focused for brands, of the entire region. Super Brand Deals and extensive collection of products will be available for consumers during this date. The best discounts, 12-2am specifically, would be a good place to start on their official stores. Not to mention free samples, vouchers and coins so you can use it on your next purchase. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and add to cart those lovely products you need for yourself and your home. They have free delivery omg!


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