GINEBRA SAN MIGUEL Calendar Girl 2021

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The word is out and yes, Ginebra San Miguel has chosen their Calendar Girl for 2021. The lady hails from California USA. This LA based gorgeous woman is Christelle Abello. 

Allan Mercado of Ginebra says “Welcome to the 2021 Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl Launch. We are bringing it to you so you can experience it in the comforts of your home. Everyone is working, ganado sa bahay, we will feature a fresh face, in 6 calendars personifying One Ginebra Nation. We are very happy to welcome her to the Ginebra San Miguel family, thank you!”

Born to a Filipino mom and an American Dad, she entered pageantry and went to win Bb.Pilipinas in the US. She also joined Ms World Philippines later on, and even if she didn’t win, planned to stay and fell in love with the Philippines. 

Christelle Abello says “I am so overwhelmed and thrilled, can’t believe that I am the new Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl. This is a dream that turned into a reality, I am so happy, thrilled and honored to be part of the Ginebra Family. Having the values of appreciating everything in life. I asked my friends for help to do a fundraiser, got help from the states, as I know kindness goes a long way. Our value of being hospitable is so powerful, I’m using my platform to show others that the Philippines is a great place to see.”

“I was interested in this project, I had to audition for this. It is a great way to inspire our people in these trying times. It is a difficult year for all of us, but we are resilient, we push forward and stay positive."

The theme this year is Ganado sa Bahay. She laments "We still can enjoy things in the comforts of your home and face the world the next day. Even in pambahay, no makeup on, you can put on a lipstick and go celebrate with your loved ones." 

She continues explaining the concepts and tells us "The third layout is about gaming, playing and making memories. The 4th layout is about being ganado sa ehersisyo, to get fit so you feel happy and ready. The 5th layout is ganado sa pagpipinta or any other hobby, to do what we love to do, to unleash creativity. The last layout is for doing good in your career, to reward yourself after a long day of work."

She adds “My favorite is the Ganado sa Pagpipinta, I really relate to it because it speaks about doing your passion.”

Congratulations to Christelle and the whole Ginebra nation! She will be seeing you in billboards, ads and calendars the whole year. Please make sure you visit the Ginebra San Miguel Facebook page and website to know how you could get your own calendars. Stay tuned!



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