Check Out Oliver Sullano's Hottest TikTok Dance Tutorials

Monday, October 26, 2020

You might be lost baby girl but dance phenom Oliver Sullano can teach you a few tricks to make your Tiktok journey a bit easy as he whips out the greatest hits and do the choreography of it, or maybe, do his own spin, oh yes he can! He's only 18 years old but the level of tutorials he's made garnered him tons of views as other creators and dance fanatics follow his easy to do versions or marvel at how he does choreography with it on the very best popular app.

He doesn't dwell on the negative comments he seldom gets on the platform. Instead, he takes time reading the nice ones, which makes him eager to do more original stuff. He's also gives advice to new creators to keep them going. His goal is to inspire others and seeing their happiness makes him do even better on his next videos.

Go download the Tiktok App today and do the same things he's doing, then evolve to your own artistry like he does. It is available in Google Play and iOS, just search for it as it's a nice day to dance!

To get you started, follow this one:

See how it feels after a few rounds? Go get those endorphins out! 


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