ACER Projector Upgrades and New Monitors Out

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Good things come to those who wait and yes, ACER is bringing in new upgrades on recent projector ranges and new monitors that are fit for home or business use.

They've been doing quite good and is extremely visible in the projector market and now they're raising the bar by including new wireless LED 1080p projectors with 3K lumens and laser projectors of 3,1K lumens. Aside from that, they have also released new Acer monitors that are equally nice.

For the PD and VD series, they've got the VD6510i and the PD1530i. The first is a wireless 3000 lumens LED projector which can do movies without a hitch while the latter has its colorspace twice larger than ordinary lamp projectors, which can be turned on and off in seconds. That would save you time in meetings or bonding time with family if you're fond of that. 

For a more energy efficient one, they've got the Acer XL series. This includes XL1220, XL1320W and XL1520. It delivers clear 1080p videos while staying very economical. It also lasts long on tests, having passed IP6X certifications and a 30,000 hour lifespan which means you're bound to be with it for years. That's a lot of productive meetings eh?

They also have the Acer UL and PL series which covers venues that needs projectors big or small. The Acer UL5630 is equipped with a laser diode which can do 4500 lumens worth of brightness, so imagine how big that can go. The PL7610, PL7610T and PL7510 on the other hand can handle 30K hour lifespan as well, so you can do presentations, movies, or commercially use it if needed.

Acer's B248Y, CBL272U, BL270 are all remarkable monitors from them. The first being the safest as it is designed with that in mind. It's eyesafe certified, has Acer Lightsense and Colorsense. It is FHD as well, and can be swiveled around even in a portrait way. The 
CBL272U has HDR10 support so you get clear looking display. It also has BlueLightShield Pro so you never have to worry about blue light hurting your eyes. This supports 178 degree viewing angles so you get the largest vistas when you need to. The BL270 has about the same safety features but has nice looks courtesy of the flexible placements and disappearing bezels. It also works with the Acer Smart Console App so you can easily display stuff even from your phone. Think of the things you can do with it!

If you're looking for one or more of these, make sure you're following @acerph on social channels as they're also discussing them there. I bet yah!


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