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Sunday, November 29, 2020

I've been a bag fanatic, so seeing Tigernu on Shopee has been a daily struggle (for shopaholics like me). I've had one in the past, and it has continued to be seen on my Shopee recommendations even until now. They've mastered the art of protecting valuables, documents, tablets, laptops and even RFID's. That alone is quite a feat because you don't just get this off the rack in malls. Most of the time, they also cost an arm and a leg just so you could get those features. This afternoon, I was startled with this bag I've seen in the Tigernu official shop in the Shopee app. 


This is the Tigernu T-B3911 Anti-Theft Laptop Bag. It measures around 15.6 inches and has a lock with it. They made this with an anti theft zipper which is harder to forcibly open if someone attempts to do so. It's easy to pull it along the opening direction when unzipping so it's quite nice. The material is very light, less than a kilogram for this bag and it utilizes RFID blocking so those portable scanners that thieves use won't be able to get your information. This has a very minimalist look, a sturdy strap, and quite splash proof if it rained a little outdoors. You won't be worrying about things getting wet. It's also very affordable and you can ask a lot of people who swear by its durability. I know of so many people who use this on a daily basis, it's very durable and you don't have to shell out much if you want to own one now. 

 You can check the official Tigernu Shopee store here!

You can also go and check out this particular bag if you find it nice

Tigernu T-B3911 Anti-Theft Laptop Bag 15.6 inches Backpack with Lock


Good thing is, they're even doing a huge discount on these at the Shopee mall. If you haven't downloaded the app, this might be the right time to do so because of the upcoming sale happening this 12.12 and Tigernu already got their prices down this early. Aside from that, you can earn coins, free delivery perks and vouchers so you can further take the price lower, you get to save a lot with that. You can download it off Google Play or the App Store and take advantage of it while it's on sale. 

Tigernu has always done a remarkable job with these highly secured bags, you should read the sterling reviews on the Shopee app!


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