The Importance of Family in Managing Diabetes | #PanataNgPamilya

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

I got news that I have diabetes a couple months ago. It was around the holidays last year and I kinda knew something was wrong with me (those sudden headaches were a dead giveaway). My folks are no different, that comes with lineage that has a similar story. I didn't feel though that it was the end of the world. Living with people under this condition made me a little confident about managing it because I've personally seen it happen, it can be done. It is quite dangerous not to manage both diabetes and hypertension, I'd go say it is lethal. Thing is, it involves so much more than just taking a pill really. Taking care of yourself and your family would take a whole village to happen. The right diet, exercise and the help of medical professionals who studied and specialize in chronic conditions can help a lot, but access to it at this time proves very difficult, that's another story.

My Mom didn't really just sit around and do nothing when she noticed I had symptoms. Her caring nature spans generations of Filipino moms who always want to nurture, to take good care of family. With her, I've seen how it was of extreme importance to communicate effectively with family, friends, and health professionals. Now I'm more understanding in evaluating new treatments, making good decisions about my health, and knack for the appropriate use of medications (because I ask the right questions with my Doctor). These days, it's a bit difficult to actually do consultations, more so if my family doctor is hospital based and there are still COVID cases around that I'd be afraid to even step out of my home. It's not just for me, but the people at home that could be in danger if I'd go out and catch it.



Global healthcare leader Sanofi has always been a staunch advocate of disease awareness and spent years focusing and sharing information, educating people about diabetes, hypertension and chronic kidney disease. Consequently, it's also World Diabetes Day on November 14. Just like our family, they affirm their commitment in promoting wellness, setting the role of Sanofi in our fight against diabetes and chronic disease. This is their "#PanataNgPamilya" showcasing the family's role in managing it, to set an example that it can be done by normalizing proper nutrition, promoting physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle. Sanofi continues to improve their programs such as Healthier PH Sessions, FamHealthy and Empower Patient Support Program, a 360 degree patient program, because they believe that healthcare should be as individual as you are. They believe in Your Type. With this, we all get a better understanding, to empower us patients and our families about how we all could better manage our well-being.


Knowing is the first step, but it is essential in making sure we’re on the right track in fighting this condition. If we live healthier lives, we get to be with our families longer, and that is priceless. We all could attain that full health potential and they have been helping us get access to better health services which accounts for a lot.

Like family, I believe we can achieve a #HealthierPhilippines. Family IS important and I'm glad to see how they've reached a lot of people with this in mind. #PanataNgPamilya #PanatangSanofi.


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