Planet Sports Carries Arena and Airwalk on Official Shopee Store

Thursday, November 12, 2020

I've been a frequent shopper at Planet Sports in Trinoma, so much so I kinda know some of the names of the people in that store. Times have changed, and seeing the pandemic not ending anytime soon I was so happy to have found the Planet Sports Official store in popular online shopping app Shopee.

Now I'd be able to source all my sports equipment and clothing in the app itself, which I found very useful last 11.11, and pretty soon 12.12 as well. This season though, they're starting to carry two brands I adore. One is Arena, a competitive sports brand that does swimsuits, accessories including these lovely goggles which I could use for the condo swimming pool when I get my turn (there's a line LOL). Aside from that, they have these handy dandy Arena mesh bags which you can put your soiled or wet clothes in if you want to carry around something light.  

Back in college, all my shirts were from AirWalk. I initially didn't see them in Shopee but recently, Planet Sports also started carrying them in their official store. The AirWalk Men's New Basic Canvas Sneakers Shoes are very light, a pair is affordable on the app and I could use several vouchers for free shipping and coins which would be deducted on total price purchase. For women, I suggest you take a look at the AirWalk Women's Jaden Sneakers Shoes because those are very light on the feet and comfy. It also doesn't break the bank because they're currently having a sale making it cost around a thousand bucks.

I made arrangements so it would be easier for you to spot the products here!


Planet Sports Official Store

Arena Basic Goggles

Arena Large Mesh Bag

AirWalk Men's New Basic Canvas Sneakers Shoes's-New-Basic-Canvas-Sneakers-Shoes-i.315303993.6355105283

AirWalk Women's Jaden Sneakers Shoes's-Jaden-JR-Sneakers-Shoes-i.315303993.6355105234

These are also pretty nice to give to people especially since we are near the holidays. I'm so glad Planet Sports launched these two brands on their official store, at least now I could source my favorites in their online shop. If you haven't downloaded the Shopee app yet, now is the time to do it as it is available in Google Play and the App Store.


  All I have to do is add to cart, pay for it and wait for it to arrive at the comforts of my home!


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