New ConceptD PC Line-Up from Acer

Monday, November 02, 2020

Fresh news from next@acer October Press Conference surfaced as they announce new offerings of the ConceptD PC line as they want to cater to professionals or content creators, something very timely. This includes the new ConceptD 300 which is a mid tower desktop fit for architecture, BIM and CAD workloads, even for 3D modeling, graphics rendering and animation. It can also combines elements of wood and black and white panels, which makes it very modern design wise.

Aside from that, they also came out with the new ConceptD 7 and ConceptD 7 Pro notebooks which packs a lot of power in such beautiful designs. They have 10th Gen Intel Core Processors used in these portable wonders and a WiFi 6 standard connection. Ports include Thunderbolt 3 tech and has got a 4K IPS display. The ConceptD 7 Pro has NVIDIA's Quadro RTX 5000 GPU which can handle things simultaneously so if you have heavy memory hogging apps it wouldn't be a problem at all. It's been designed for seamless hardware and software function, plus it doesn't heat up much at max capacity, sounds good too.

There are more thing to love with these new models and you can check them out now at @acerph social media channels where they will come out with more information about these products, oh my, I envy you! This would be perfect for those who want a good minimalist look on their rooms, as their designs are well thought of.

You should check them out if you're looking for a more premium desktop or laptop computer. Those CPU's look delightful!


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