Finding Your Home in Ohmyhome

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Ohmyhome, Singapore’s market leader in property solution platforms has been in the Philippines since September. They saw demand for residential properties was still high even if we were under strict lockdown in Manila. Now I hope that's not because everyone lost their homes because the economy and businesses stopped, but really because there was growth in interest in residential proporties.

Filipinos look now for good location, design, modern facilities and a good place to stay in. These days, we need a place to work even at home. Co-founder & COO of OhMyHome Race Wong says "Even if property seekers are still looking at houses located near commercial areas, they also consider those outside Metro Manila because of new work arrangements. It's quite flexible now in PH homes too."

Currently, they see value in working with developers so they could better serve their customers. Their platform remains to be straightforward, which only takes a few minutes to do and very easy to understand. OhMyHome quality assurance teams make sure only active homes remain listed and sellers get to put in properties easily. In case there are issues, they also have several in-house agents to help you get the deals for your dream home.

While we still are under the quarantine regulations issued by the government, the platform remains to be a very good source of information to make it all happen. It would benefit real estate brokers, developers and those who would like a place they could call home. Download it off Google Play or iOS. 


It's pretty cool!


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