Enchong Dee Talks About Sun Life's Negosyante Starter Pack

Monday, November 23, 2020

Enchong Dee is in the prime of his life, his career is on top, his businesses flourish, and he still wants more. He also helps people behind the scenes, helps his family and others. He's the perfect guy imho, I wouldn't be surprised he's going to be even more successful in the coming years.

Enchong talked to us during a press conference after his live session and he shares "We have a lot of ways to save our car, bikes, property and we need income generating investments. At 4,000 a month, you can now save your business, you can use it for your business too. For me, I would advise people at my age to make an investment that is very close to your heart. When you are young, when you are still healthy, there is more room to grow. I am in the business of real estate, restaurants and others. I don't promote them as much and I don't think I have bankrupt businesses because I still have them open. I am very thankful that none of us have been affected in Bicol. I am always praying to make me a bridge to help people in 2020, my heart really bleeds with people that have been affected by the pandemic and the typhoons. I still want to put up another business despite the things happening, maybe a farm to table concept if it is possible. I see food as a necessity, we need it, we want it and in the country we need that. Passion isn't enough but it's good that it is there. We need a lot to succeed, but it's a nice first step. It's a shrimp business, we don't have sustainable farming and I am going to explore that with new technology. I want to have a facility that won't be affected by typhoons and hope we would be able to survive. In my restaurants, we didn't have movements and since there were not much sales, we needed to cook them so we strengthened online payments and couriers so we can keep up with the times and systems. I graduated developmental studies in La Salle but my love for doing business was from my parents. I used to sell instant noodles and corned beef to my team mates, I learned at an early age that no matter how small my earnings were it was a good experience. When I was already working I used the same system in my businesses, when I have earned in show business, I already knew where it would go, to a business of course."

Enchong also talked about security and says "It is important to have a backup plan. It safeguards my business, it safeguards my future. We need to do that because we can't expect things like this pandemic. We practiced a contingency fund for our business, if we need another one, I added the Negosyante Starter Pack so I can insert my personal funds when I needed it. You have to have that clear vision of what you will achieve. All the things you do, you have to folow that goal no matter what happens in your business. In our company, we told them about the situation, transparency to let them see the state of the business. They understood the situation and they had clear mindset about what was happening if their salaries was a little delayed. We were all going through it, they worked hard, they got average daily sales and achieved it. I said earlier about passion, I told them about what I did in my case. When you're so tired from work you can still go to your business. Sit down with your business partners and seek where you can help, it makes you a real part of the business and not just wait for dividends so you can be a part of future businesses with them too, so you can grow more. I want to build a business in Naga, in Bicol to open up more opportunities in that part of the country. I want to have my own game show, my own biopic, I will pray for that. Business and pleasure can mix, if you do good in business, you can enjoy it when it grows. It will come to a point when you will rest and you won't have those worries when you don't have work. For me, you don't cross the line, it has to be clear that you are going there to work and it's not a relationship. If I would give an advise for my contemporaries, just work. Business is not a thing that can be hurried, it doesn't work that way, you need to do two to three good businesses that earn rather than a lot of restaurants in one go and some of them won't earn. Behind every successful man is a woman, it may help but you have to know if you're inspired because of it or have their support, it is a case to case basis. It will help."

He tells us some of his celebrity friends also ask him about doing business but he says "Sometimes when I get to see my friends asking me questions about business, I tell them about it. But most often that not, they don't follow through. I hope they turn it to action because they know when I get into something I make sure it is very secure."

I asked him about his other policies and Enchong answered "Yes I have three different policies in SunLife, I have Health, I have Negosyante Starter Pack and Life Insurance. I am so secured because SunLife is my partner. I have a goal to try new things in businesses, but I have to educate myself each time I do that. To know who my business partner is, timing and location, which is what I do every time I venture into different things. It feels good to consistently treat yourself as a student, so you learn things even more."

Ms. Len Arboleda adds "Sunlife is in the business of Life Insurance. There are other types of non life insurance which can cover risks on the business itself. We cover individuals only."

The Negosyante Starter Pack combines Sun MaxiLink 100 which is an investment linked life insurance and the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever 2028 Fund which grows capital. You should talk to an advisor so you know which one would fit you. This would be a really great plan for new entrepreneurs who want to have security so you can fund future projects and have some extra for instances of emergencies. If you want to know more, they have information about it on www.sunlife.com.ph. 

They're good at this.


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