JOAO and JAMESON for My Lockdown Romance

Monday, November 02, 2020

Today (this afternoon) we got to talk to Jameson Blake and Joao Constancia as they are doing a movie called My Lockdown Romance, a full blown Filipino BL film under Star Cinema. 

Finding the right fit for the roles was gone through auditions, referrals, and the kind of characters are not well accepted by artists. When Jameson and Joao auditioned for it they were happy to take on the challenge. It is refreshing to see something lighthearted and hopeful, this will revitalize your gusto to live. 

Direk Bobby says “It wouldn’t be easy, but we do have something different to offer. We took care of the format, it is connected to real life situations. From all walks of life. The actors had same cameras and we guided them through web conference. It is nice and cleanly made.”

Gab Pangilinan says “I am human, I do have moments when I had to be marupok. It happens to everyone. Gabb is not just a supportive friend, she tells it what it is, very straight to the point and it is an exciting character. I could say, she’s gonna say what Jameson’s character wouldn’t say. It is light, fun and happy.”

Jameson says “We were used to love teams and that kind of thing is the same, it was something new and I had so much fun experiencing it. I agree it was somewhat similar, I was always the one who had to make girls pakilig and being on the receiving end, that part was different. It’s been a while when I had a girlfriend, I’ll let you guys know if I already have one. I am happy that fans are happy to see me in a coming of age film and this is something similar so I am excited for them. This BL movie is lighter, they will see that. I don’t feel much pressure, but I’m hopeful for the outcome. I am more of the submissive character, I do have some traits similar to that, a more lighter personality.“

Joao says “I was super happy to work with him because we knew each other. We know what the stories about and what we were happy is that Direk Bobby was there to help us throughout. I am grateful it is a new experience for me and a new movie, so I’m just happy to just be here. To be honest there is no difference in pakiligs, love is love and the way you do it is the same. It was easy for both of us. I have had these moments, pero when I date, just sweetness, every wall falls down. I have read tweets, I am happy with what I’m reading. This is light, fun and super relatable. The setting is what is happening right now. We are more excited because everyone would be able to watch now at the comforts of their own home. You have to see the end scene, watch the whole film and you will understand what we are saying. I auditioned for this and my family were excited for me. I have had bromances, Jameson and I have had that, we care about each other and that’s what closest friends do.“

Currently, they don’t want to reveal if there is a kissing scene, maybe they’re really keeping that in the wraps. Their chemistry is undeniable, they look good together and perhaps, you’ll feel good seeing them on screen. This will be shown on November 13 at CineXpress channels at, iWantTFC (, IPTV, Cignal PPV and Sky Cable PPV.

You've got to see this!


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