Married Guy Matteo Guidicelli Swears By Newlywed Starter Pack of Sun Life

Friday, November 20, 2020

Matteo was so fine during our Zoom meeting, telling us about his Sun Life journey now that he's married to Sarah Geronimo.

Matteo just got married, and yes, he's got plans for that. He's getting it from Sun Life too and calls it the Newly Wed Bundle. We talked about it over a Zoom meeting this evening and it was nice to see the man again after a few months of not seeing each other (feeling close lol).

Did things change?

Matte says "Yes, as I'm budgeting for two people already and you are thinking about beds, your household staff and I enjoy it every single day. I enjoy every moment with my wife. Trust is very important and I think you and your partner should never hide anything, so you become better people together. When I go to work today, it is for my family and my future. My wife is my priority, it is important to have that mindset when you're starting, to be transparent and to start saving right away. To have an investment portfolio with Sun Life, you can discuss that perfectly for your needs."

What do they splurge on?

"We did buy a huge TV, I'll have that on my Youtube video this week. We've been also good plantitos and plantitas. We splurge on plants these days."

How do they spend?

A good balance is important. To make your wife happy is also important, but of course common sense, not OA, a balance with each other. We tell each other if we need it or not. We always put each other in reality.


Every single day of being boyfriend and girlfriend, to realize and breathe see that we are husband and wife, working together, it puts a smile on my face seeing that.

Being in Sun Life

Working with them for 5 or 6 years, they educated me that the earlier possible time to invest, the better. If I invested a couple of years ago, it would have been very big. Save a lot, invest, your money will grow.

Len Arboleda of Sun Life says "Matt really practices it. It really a lifetime partnership with Sun Life and we have seen that through the years where he's been with us."


I think it's very important for us to always talk about our finances. Investing wise, we have to make sure we do it with good companies, not to scammers, to do it with a legit company and telling your advisor what you want to achieve.

9 Months with Sarah

It's a blessing, to find someone like her, I am very thankful. Sarah is very talented in baking too, if ever it begins like a business, please buy one ha!

Having Kids

Pray for it next week. We don't know yet, we're not rushing but in God's time it will happen. Diko pa alam how much, the more the merrier!

With Sun Life you feel secure, it's very important. You can start with 5,000 pesos and it will earn in the next few years. When you have kids, you have a fund for them, so we do invest in the right things.


The restaurant is okay. I had two branches so it is challenging. I had to find ways to make it well, we're not doing great but we are surviving because there are people going to our restaurants still.

Do it with passion, do it with love, focus on the things we love doing. We want money to grow, invest, be smart on how you do things and do it with passion. There are great companies out there but I chose Sun Life. My Dad showed me things by example so he didn't have to sit me down and plan things.

Church Wedding

Baka, when the time is right. I hope a vaccine arrives so we can do it. I really hope so.


These rescuers and government workers, they are just there for the service of the Filipino people. To receive criticism despite doing their jobs, I don't feel bad, I feel good for what they do, I feel bad with the people who don't understand what it feels to be there. They deserve so much credits.

Newly Wed Bundle (What does the newly wed bundle have? What do you like about it?)

The starter pack is for individuals, each one should be covered. You have to have a separate one for yourself and your wife.

You seem to always have a plan, how do you keep yourself be random, like not everything is planned/ becominng spontaneous.

"I think that is very important with me and Sarah. Yes I have a plan for everything but I do make an effort to do things that are random, thanks for reminding me to do that."

This is not a perfect world. What mistakes have you had in the past and what have you learned from them?

Yes I have had mistakes, nothing in particular but I always make it a point to not do it again in case I get to encounter problems like them again. I learn from them, I think that is important.

Having passion and starting a ton of businesses is hard but when it works, you'll reap a lot of benefits. Work with trusted partners, work with the honest ones and enjoy it. Matteo is a good example of it and he's been doing it with Sun Life for a couple of years, maybe it's time you talk to them via or their website or the official Sun Life Philippines Facebook page. Oh by the way, Matteo is also going to be on an I Feel U Christmas Special on December 6, and Masked Singer Pilipinas every Saturday on TV5. See him there!


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