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Monday, November 30, 2020

I needed a food processor. This looks like a good day to buy one at Amazon.


Yes it's possible and what better way to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Amazon by buying your favorite gadgets and games with PayMaya. 

 What's good is that Amazon is offering free delivery for orders 80 dollars and above (for some) so if you have high ticket items which you need to purchase, this would be a nice season to get hem. These deals will only last until 3:59 PM of December 1, 2020. There are tons of things in Amazon that are not available in local stores, and Amazon actually does a good job of making sure the products that you see are actually possible to ship in the Phillippines. They also have items that are marked down because of the sale and it's where a lot of US citizens go for deals during this time and there are a lot of second hand items there too which you can purchase instead of a more expensive new one.

Aside from the deals that sellers are having, you can get 15% discount or up to USD$25 of what you're buying from on the site. Just make sure your shipping address is from the Philippines then use the discount code PYMY15 before checkout. You can only use this on a minimum purchase of US$50 prior to taxes, shipping and other fees. I'm so glad we're going to be able to access this from the country now to give us MORE choices. It's a perk, but make sure you compute everything including taxes and shipping fees. You also have to make sure it ain't over 10K pesos so as not to pay exorbitant custom fees in the country. Going to the post office is also a huge burden, don't even do that.



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