GoDaddy and AXN Launch New Reality Show PROJECT GO

Friday, November 27, 2020

GoDaddy and AXN just launched a new reality show designed for entrepreneurs called PROJECT GO. They are doing this in partnership with Common Ground, #CanB, Esquire, Female Network, Manila Bulletin and Rappler. This is a chance to make their ideas a reality and earlier, they announced the 4 finalists who will vie for the title. Businesswoman Maggie Wilson is also the host of the show. The Tung Brothers (of popular sardine brand Ligo), Rappler Lifestyle and Entertainment Editor Bea Cupin and Tina Shieh, the Marketing Director for of GoDaddy for Asia will be mentoring these guys and gals. It airs every week on AXN Asia, this is part of their commitment so help people succeed online.

Among hundreds, the lucky groups are: MINDOCEO, STAFFZ, LOOP STORE PH and AO Innovations Tech.


An on demand tutoring service, where students help other students to support education. Noelle Mison says "We have the help of GoDaddy Tools and we got to really enjoy camaraderie with the other contestants. We all had to shift to digital, the website builder was pretty useful in the show. It also taught us how to survive online. In the next episodes, you will see how we all grow. You will see how we learned from our mentors. Initially, we did the tutorial sessions on location, but it became nearly impossible when the pandemic happened. We had to do it online now and we had to utilize the platforms to make your our idea a reality. Project GO is about empowerment. It gets us equipped for our own communities. It's not like Sharktank, not a cut throat competition. They fostered growth. Our standard is quality education, we don't do this for money, and we really want to help children because we know how it feels to be alone. To succeed globally, we need to support each other. To identify what needs to be given support, to look at education from a different view and find out how we can improve it.  We are a social business, we need to give back to achieve greatness, to contribute to our own communities."


Is a collection of ecologically responsible products. They provide solutions that would make packaging and other items be sustainable and biodegradable.

Pocholo Espina says "We learned that product packaging really mattered, when people started posting more about it, there was brand engagement even in the pandemic. This pushed more innovations for what we have. You've got to keep going. Initially, our mindsets during the pandemic was to wait it out til its over, but we are motivated now to do it rather than wait. There might be a little drama which will keep us on our toes, you have to see that in the show. LOOP Store had to close down last June because of the pandemic. In the past months, we had to re-learn how to open our store online. Now everything is easily accessible.We also got to use an actual domain and use resource that was already there. It can be accessed and be just a search away. All you need to do is get started. Since a lot are online now, you have to invest learning the platforms. Project Go is not a competition, it's all about empowerment, we didn't get to be pit with each other. A lot of our own standards come from our own environmental stand. We are not about just selling alternatives, not just an item, but to educate you and teach that your actions will have long term effects. We need to consider fixing basic infrastructure, we are cutting off even now with the internet connection that we are using; and that won't work with global markets. There needs to be more support with government and private entities, cut bureaucracy, feed ideas so they won't get discouraged. We need to be inclined in getting more of that in the country.

AO Innovations Tech 

 AO Innovations makes full face masks for frontliners at subsidized rates. They utilize thier business to further push advocacy, and implement it with innovation. They quipped "It was exciting for us because we get to funnel our interests on our very own website. It is very important for us because our business is very dynamic. To pursue our dreams, to follow through, to make better with our families and our community. The GoDaddy team was so nice to give us tools that we could use to improve our products and services. In the next episodes you will see drama, you will see it all and will learn from what you will get to watch. I think Project Go as a contest is totally different, it is tech based, but it recognizes us beyond the product. We are for innovation and inventions, we want efficiency, to give our best every time and made it our standard. We believe we have come with a product that is current and answers a lot of things that are needed during the pandemic."


This team offer back end solutions to SMB's so they could get career opportunities for those who need it most. Pearl De Guzman says "Ultimately, we really enjoyed the consultations we had with our mentors. There are a lot of opportunities online and with GoDaddy. With their tools, you can put up a website even from scratch. It made it easier to market the product. We have different stories, different branding, and you will see how we have all grown when the final pitch is up. All our clients are based online now too, the audience is also using social media groups, Facebook marketing, industry trends, to explore business opportunities outside your brick and mortar ways. You can also work on making your website on top of Google search results. Off cam, we are really close, despite having them as competitors, you'll get unbiased opinions from other contestants if what you are doing is not good and you will hear feedback right away. We need to have more opportunities for people that need it. For us, to succeed means to understand our customers first. To foster that relationship, so we could reach an even larger market."

Again, Project GO can be seen every Thursday at 8:25 PM on AXN. It can also be seen via AXN Asia and GoDaddy Asia’s YouTube channels, so you really won't miss it. Learn from industry experts and see who among these Filipinos will win Php 1 Million to make their dreams come true!


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