Discounts Abound as 7 Eleven Gets Launched on SHOPEE

Friday, November 20, 2020

As I was writing this, I almost got my jaw dropped when I saw that 7-Eleven is on Shopee.

Oh yes, it's true! I couldn't say I would be fine just knowing that and I'm sure, I'll be trying this out in the next couple of days. 7-Eleven is still the undisputed leader in the convenience store industry in the country. I couldn't tell how many times the nearby branch has saved me from midnight parties, but they have it all. Aside from the usual groceries, they've got things that you would need at home from something as small as candy, to school and office supplies. The good thing is, they're 24 hours. If the need for food arise, they've got tons of stuff that I could eat. I love how it's also hot, fresh, fast like I cooked things in my own kitchen. I'm glad they're offering even more these days, the variety alone is crazy.

Since they are launching in Shopee, they're practically giving discounts on your usual fare in 7-Eleven. I love the Crunch Time Fried Chicken as it is hot, crisp and juicy. They also have Chicken Nuggets which are pretty good for a snack, but who's even asking why not have it all right?

 To make it easier for you, you can spot the Official 7-Eleven Shopee store here. I also made arrangements for you to enjoy the lovely chicken they have, it's Crunch Time!

CLiQQ by 7-Eleven Official Shopee Store

Crunch Time Chicken Nuggets Ala Carte (5 pcs)!-Crunch-Time-Nuggets-Ala-Carte-(5pcs)-i.95292892.6761979150

Crunch Carrier Chicken (6 pcs)!-Crunch-Carrier-Chicken-(6-pcs)-i.95292892.4661977466

1 pc Crunch Time Fried Chicken Rice Meal

2 pc Crunch Time Fried Chicken Rice Meal!-2pcs-Crunch-Time-Fried-Chicken-Rice-Meal-i.95292892.4461977057


I'm also surprised the prices there are even way cheaper than in the actual store. Deals are hard to find, but they make it available for you online and that's a good thing. All you've got to do now is download the Shopee app on Google Play or the App Store. It only takes a few minutes to check out and pay. Then you just have to wait at home for the delivery, or you can claim it on the actual store if you prefer. You can also use discount vouchers and coins too to get less the actual price. You've never had that happen in the past, I guess with the way things are in the pandemic things are changing. This is good news!


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