Kokoy De Santos Chooses Who To Love in OH MANDO!

Thursday, November 05, 2020

We spent this evening talking to the Director and actors of the upcoming series OH MANDO! which stars current King of BL Kokoy De Santos and hot guy Alex Diaz and lovely Barbie Imperial. This series will be shown tomorrow on the iWantTFC platform and if you haven't downloaded that yet, please do so you can watch this series which was shot before the lockdown happened in Manila.

During the blogcon, Barbie was asked about the challenges she had to go through during the pandemic and she says "The most challenging part was being away from my family and what's important is that I am keeping my job so I can earn for my family too. Until now I have family in Albay and Catanduanes, I am afraid of knowing what happened to them. It's different now, I don't think I would be able to go back home for Christmas because of the way things are. I don't even know if permits are needed, I'm a bit happy now though because my Mom and my brother are here with me." awww that's nice to know.

Barbie was also asked about what she has learned doing this role and if she had to choose a person to love in real life... and she says "For me, I don't mind if you're straight or not, as long as they respect me, I'm a bit bakla in real life and people don't know that. I am very open, I grew up in the streets, as long as I'm not being looked down upon I am okay. As long as that person likes you, love has no gender."

Alex was asked about what he learned from his character and he says "Oh Mando means love is love is love. It has brought us to a place where we always think about what other people would say, and for me, I have gotten to a point where I don't care anymore as long as I'm not stepping on anybody's toes, I'm fine. We just have to make sure we love as much as we can."

 Kokoy says "I know love has no gender, romantic or not, you can't stop that because we all are human. Don't stop yourself from doing that. I have always wished for projects like these, something that has a twist, a romcom, so I did try out for it. This is so satisfying to do as an actor, to work with them all, I am so thankful for that. This is a family related series, my decisions also have them in mind so I would never do something that wouldn't benefit them."

Here's what happened during the blogcon, so make sure you do download the iWant TFC app and get your subscription going. This would be so nice to watch starting tomorrow!


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