AIA Philam Life Asks You To #ShareTheLove

Thursday, November 12, 2020

There's no more opportune time to check on your friends, acquaintances or family than now. Metro Manila was hit hard by the recent typhoon and in other areas, I worry a lot especially those in flood prone cities and ,municipalities. I've seen them all over the news this evening and I wish them all well. Aside from that, there are still cases of COVID-19 happening in NCR. Some of them get reported, but some of them have not. Worrying? Yes. Hopeless? No. We need to get in touch with people we love to make sure they're all okay and if they need any help, we would be able to lend a hand. How you say? Send them lunch, dinner, essentials, messages of hope, advise when they need help with something because it doesn't have to be all monetary, you can also give information they need so they can benefit from it. You can also share things you have learned, about the value and importance of being protected especially during times of uncertainty.

Recently, I got word that AIA Philam Life launched a program called Share the Love. It's a Customer Referral Raffle Promo which will run from September 3 to November 30th this year. Telling others about how you can get covered can be beneficial, more so in times of emergencies and you need a huge fund to cover health payments. Get their permission first and fill up this form here and check the full mechanics here.

Referrals can get you the chance to win gadgets in this move by AIA Philam Life. There are still a few weeks left before you can win these cool devices. If you're an existing customer or a referrer, you are encouraged to submit through form mentioned above. You'll get an email and/or sms via the phone number you provided upon agreeing to share your information. One raffle entry will  be earned per successful referral. So if you're looking for a dependable life and non life insurance company to take good care of your family, you know where to look. They have different products which can protect them especially during these hard times. You get the chance to also win Nintendo Switch, a Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum, an iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and a whole lot more. Contest ends November 30, so check the AIA Philam Life Official Facebook page if you want to see who won in previous weeks. They're very good guys, good enough for me to have a plan myself.


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