Saturday, November 28, 2020

The achievements of actress Kris Bernal have been really stellar. In a move she made this month, her network and GMA Artist Center contract expired and instead of going through renewal, she got Cornerstone Entertainment now to manage her career. According to Kris "This was a long process, I really thought very hard about this decision." Currently, she's seen in several shows in TV5 and stars in "Ate ng Ate Ko" which is seen every Monday at 9:30pm. The nice acting pieces, the ability to work with other actors has been something that she was looking forward to do. During our short interview this afternoon, she revealed a lot of things but what resonated was, she was very happy and Cornerstone was also excited to have her. Here's the rest of the interview:

She wants to work with Piolo Pascual, Jericho Rosales, John Llloyd Cruz, mostly because she hasn't worked yet with them. She also chooses roles eversince, so when she did chose for GMA she had a variety of characters played. Now, she wants to level up and hope when they hear the name Kris Bernal she could do a lot of characters. When asked about her plans about getting married, she says "It still will continue, I will still get married. I have joined Starstruck and my fiance knows how much I love my craft and the opportunities are not endless so I only grab them when they're available." She also admits having little time for her businesses and she's so glad she has family and her fiance to help her do things. Being with Cornerstone now made the artist management side of things a whole lot easier for her. 

Cornerstone VP Jeff Vadillo also welcomed Kris Bernal to the Cornerstone family

Again, this doesn't mean she won't be working on GMA anymore. Things right now are being talked about and she's headed for more success in the coming years.

Congratulations Kris! :)


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