Southern France Living in Tagaytay Highlands: PROVENCE

Thursday, November 19, 2020

I’ve always dreamed of living in South France. It’s not that snotty rich feeling that is fleeting, more of a little mix of French and Mediterranean as its proximity to the sea changes things. I also dream of a calm breeze, where seaside restaurants abound, and the only thing I hear is my glass of wine clink and the smell of freshly baked croissant permeate the landscape as it is done next door. I also want to see the quaint shabby chic houses, miles of vineyards and olive groves. To live simply amongst warm gentle people, they’ve also got a culture of Spanish in the mix as the border is quite close… oh I would love to live like that here.


I’ve been to Tagaytay Highlands. That awesome place reminds me of Europe and the ambiance of different countries. I’ve heard they’re putting out more luxurious residential concepts and one of them is called PROVENCE. An apt word to describe that region, they’re making huge lots into these dreamy communities all in this world class mountain resort. Now you don’t have to go out of the country and leave your loved ones behind, because you can do it in the Philippines. You get a tropical country (which you can also go to anytime of the day) and the ambiance and homes just like in the South of France, isn’t that amazing?

In Provence, you get a prime location on a gentle southbound slope. In it, you can stroll along the scenic road of Lakeside Fairways Drive where you can marvel at the lush and floral landscapes, amidst unobstructed views of Taal Lake and its surrounding mountains, one of which is Mt. Makiling. The units at Provence are designed with old French architecture and ambiance in mind. They use elements like wood, stones, and wooden shutters in soft pastel colors. The property also has a 3.8-meter-wide promenade, filled with flowery shrubs and trees. They also have the Parc Central which has got an infinity pool, another for kids so residents can just lounge and escape with Tagaytay's scenic views. This is such a postcard worthy location; you would want to live in it the same way as you would do in the South of France.


This is a low-density community with only 14 lots per hectare. Provence only has 119 lots and is very limited. Spaces are also from 240 to 451 square meters, more than enough for a huge family. It also comes with facilities for rest and recreation, which is why some wouldn’t leave their homes and enjoy a very cool climate in the mountains of Tagaytay. 


If you want to own a Highlands home, please call +632 75052422 and +63917 5150158. You can also visit their website of follow their social pages Tagaytay Highlands on FB, and @tagaytayhighlandsofficial on IG.


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