What 5G Means For YOU

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

This phone is 5G ready!

Everybody is rushing to adapt to the technology of 5G and not all countries have been able to make headway in actually putting up necessary hardware for it. It also takes manpower, tons of investments as permanent structures will be put in place so we can get speeds up even in far flung places.These days, it's more of a necessity as tech becomes a driving force in the economy. This ain't different in the Philippines of course. Homes, payments, even transportation is dependent on connection. The smartphone has become a pretty powerful tool to stay informed, and connected to the world. Although these days, we know there are tons of Filipinos who are still oblivious of what it can do. If all 5G implementation gets done in the country, it'll be totally different. One asks, what would it really benefit the ordinary Juan?

Think of 5G as a new band that would be able to do faster speeds, carry higher bandwidth and have really low latency versus what we use now which is 4G. Think of it as a solution to lags and delays as it can make your connection super smooth and fast. It will change your current digital experience.

 Here are some examples of what 5G enables us to do:

You can send and receive things instantly

Low latency means you get things faster than ever. Text messages, photos, videos, would get much less buffering when you're connected to it. You can make your video calls and chat seamless, with little to no trouble doing it. The same goes for downloads even for huge files, it'll take a shorter amount of time which is so good for people who want to share their stories. This goes the same to content creators too.

You'll be Buffer Free!

End users have consumed content on the internet at an all time high. As we all become confined to our homes because of the pandemic, this would be very useful. Your video streaming platforms, your video sites, all get little to no lag even at higher video quality. It can accomodate huge files even on wireless connections, a thing that people need even at work, studying or play. You would be able to stream with no interruptions, no more waiting at times, which is so good right?

Gaming like there's no tomorrow!

If you're the type that hates lags, dragging, dropped packets and all that mumbo jumbo that happens right in a middle of a game, then this is good news. The deal is, you won't experience that anymore in a perfect day. That alone is just humongous news right? Now that also does wonders for your online games, your reaction time, your ability to point a gun virtually, and just about any task you need to do. It can make or break a win, and no gamer would want to be in the receiving end of that word called defeat.

More Smart Devices

The huge speed, bandwidth upgrades and very low latencycan get your smart and IOT devices connected for more reasons that one. The ability to network, connect and see data faster will get you more flexibility so you can take charge of your own home.

See 5G take over the market supported devices

The 5G phenomenon will make users switch to even better hardware so they can support the standard. The vivo V20 Pro has this copped with its sleek and stylish design. The Vivo V20 Pro also did it in its thinnest form, so imagine how that would be for those who would want to switch, a capable phone that is affordable, doesn't that sound so right?

It also carries a 7nm octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor that can do 5G connection. No more struggles in dead spots like stairs, enclosed areas and zones. It's already available in Shopee and Lazada. You can also get it in Vivo concept stores across the country. You may check vivoglobal.ph if you want to know more about it.


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