JobStreet Dons New Look and Platform: Jobs That Matter

Friday, November 20, 2020


JobStreet is now celebrating their 25th year. Together with is is a huge change. A new look, a new platform, more features, it just sounds so good to see that they improve services. They want to empower not just the employers this time but also the job seekers. They call it aptly "“jobs that matter” and their executives were there to tell us all about it.

Ramesh Rajandaran Chief Marketing Officer (Asia) at SEEK says “We need to deliver as a partner, lives have changed and it is our duty to fill roles. Not all brands have been able to change and survive. Jobstreet and JobsDB get 30 million hirees a month, and today we are taking the next big leap with our brand. We are now optimized for mobile, have personal home pages, a showcase of recommendations, search via AI.” 

Philip Gioca Country Manager for JobStreet Philippines added “Jobstreet has been in the country for years now and we need to be faster, it gives us something great. The new Jobstreet will get you 5x more career matches, for over 570,000 employers. Refreshing our brand will define the way we look and do things. Our colors represent our heart and passion, to get you to jobs that matter. “ 

They are now sporting a brand new logo, a new look and personality. They also officially launched the new JobStreet mobile application which is tailored to be streamlined and responsive for those looking for jobs and employers.

JobStreet now wants to thank the people that made it possible, the employers who have been able to provides jobs to Filipinos. This is why they launched #JobsThatMatter. JobStreet also will still be offering jobs from across the country but can be filtered in regional ways. They are changing their platform, but it will not require current data to be changed. As of now, they have less job postings in the system but it is steadily growing in the last three months because of the pandemic. The changes they made was because they didn’t want it to be just a job platform, but a career platform. This also includes putting all these features in a mobile version which will make it easier for employers to monitor manpower, and also for those who are applying for work so they can easily get notified when they get the jobs.


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