JOLLIBEE Releases "30 Dates" and "To Love Again" on Valentines Day

Friday, February 16, 2024

You've probably seen the new Jollibee short films that have been released this Valentines day. I've watched it ahead of the pack as our best friend Jollibee gave us a screening a few days ago. These two films were directed by Paolo Villaluna who's got several films under his belt plus a few commercials which he has been part of prior to making this film. 

Guess what? They were there during the premiere! OMG!


Paolo is a fan of the previous Jollibee commercials and he (and his team of + Jollibee creatives)wanted a different take this year, so instead of actors, he wanted real people who had real stories to tell us what LOVE is. The first is called "30 Dates" and the second one is called "To Love Again". 

In 30 Dates, it stars 2 friends who wanted to make each other happy. The girl was having her birthday, so the guy figured what was keeping her happy... it was a Jollibee meal. So he sought to have her come to a Jollibee meal for 30 days. They dined in, took take outs, used the drive thru, and when it ended, the lady figured OMG, "I liked him already". They were just friends at first, but they developed something good over the month they've gotten to know each other. They now have a kid and more days to enjoy Jollibee again.

The second one called "To Love Again" was about a woman who married early, got a child, and got separated. After that experience, she thought she would never love a man again. During that time, a police man in training saw her and took interest in her. He really had to do the legwork and prove to her, and her family, plus a lot of naysayers that HE loves her... and her kid. He had to prove this by being consistent, and by really going out of his way to make sure that he would show how much he loves her... and her son too. Make sure to prepare a LOT of tissues because yes, this will make you cry.



 Here are the two videos, please enjoy!

So, how did you feel after watching that? :)

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