Time to Watch Liza Soberano Shine in "Lisa Frankenstein"

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Lisa Frankenstein is going to have a February 9 release in the US via Universal Pictures International and they held an advanced screening in Hollywood and a celebrity screening in the Philippines which we got to attend a few days ago. 

I'm sure a lot of Filipinos have been waiting for this as this counts as Liza's first Hollywood film, and the interesting back stories through interviews even made it even extra fascinating. During the celebrity screening, James Reid was very happy about how things turned out and how Liza Soberano is reaping the benefits of her hard work in this movie. He wasn't willing to give some details of what other plans they have for her or what Liza is actually doing after Lisa Frankenstein. He just gave us the sweet look LOL. Aside from that, he wasn't aware that Enrique Gil was attending the celebrity premiere, but when the press told him about it, he was surprised and happy too. Here's the interview we had with him before the movie:

James also went to the event with supportive girlfriend Yssa Pressman who also obliged the press with an interview about her man James.

Meanwhile, Liza Soberano attended the Hollywood premiere together with the film's stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse. To tell you honestly, Liza looks different in the film. Lisa Frankenstein felt well made. It reminds me of those films that La Lohan used to make, and it begs another installment because of the various twists it introduced (which may grow a following since Cole Sprouse aka Frankenstein is adorable). Liza asked Cole about the feeling she had in making this film because it was pleasant, she didn't get to be a nervous wreck working with the actors and production (some of which have been doing this for years). Cole told her it was what he felt too, and that says a lot about the people she's with in the movie.

This project had so many femme energy. Diablo Cody wrote and produced this, and even if this is Zelda Williams' directorial debut (she's Robin Williams' daughter), she got lauded by the crew and cast with her work. This also stars Carla Gugino, Joe Chrest and Henry Eikenberry (whom you might like too, I've seen him model). Liza Soberano's role was not in any way a bit role, but I don't want to spoil it. You've got to take the patience with how the story is developed because this is a slow burn, but I assure you, YOU WILL LOVE IT. It talks about family, love, romance, the 80's, great music, Moms, best friends, and fun. I felt Kahtryn Newton's role especially when she's a bit crazy (just like me). This film is out NOW in theaters nationwide, so go catch it and get tickets early.

For the naysayers that said it wouldn't happen, this proves you wrong... and I hope you watch LIZA SOBERANO shine and make her dreams come true, one film at a time!


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