HEART EVANGELISTA Shows You How to Use GCash

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

She's iconic, lovely at every angle. She's dubbed as a real life "Crazy Rich Asian", hobnobbing with the who's who of the fashion industry and a front row regular at the biggest shows... she's Love Marie Evangelista-Escudero aka Heart Evangelista.

Contrary to impressions about her, she's quite the opposite and actually knows how to manage her finances well. GCash took us to their very first GCash Spot Light, a new online talk show hosted by Boy Abunda which will be shown in GCash assets and social channels. 

GCash Spotlight

GCash will also be having Heart appear in their different commercials, all to talk about her financial progress. I'm sure there are a lot of people who think about how Heart actually affords everything, how she shops, or how fond she is for enjoying the things out in the street, the Kwek Kwek she eats and just about how she actually saves for every little thing she gets before actually buying it. 

She also uses GCash everyday, whether she dines at some of the posh restaurants in Paris or enjoy a bowl of pares in the streets of Manila, she gives them the GCash Visa card or use the QR payment option. In both cases, it gets accepted and is quite convenient. The exchange rate is also another perk, because you can pay for things without a hassle.

Heart also monitors her savings, she says Chiz sends her 50, 100 or 143 pesos just to be extra sweet. She doesn't make her hard earned money stagnant, she pays for bags then puts her artwork in it and earn from every piece she sells. She also pays for services she gets like hair and makeup, even the online store she frequents accepts GCash as payment, and since she has a lot of pets, she gets food, clothes and accessories online and it gets delivered at home. Panda of course gets first dibs. She also invests via GStocks, put money in on really good companies and even gets her travel insurance from the app. She secures her luggage, flights and emergencies in it as the GInsure Travel Insurance covers it.

Here's how it went.

Ernest Cu the Mynt Chairman and Globe Group CEO "For years now, we have made different kinds of solutions to make Filipinos lives better. We want Heart to help us to showcase the different features of GCash, because yes it's the best way to pay."

Martha Sazon the CEO of GCash says "You saw the film, and we want to welcome Heart Evangelista Escudero. The world fashion icon also co-wrote the shoot. She's that committed and invested in this campaign. Even the wardrobe, and she does really use the GCash Visa Card. In her era of spending, shopping and saving, she will be with GCash."

Heart will be appearing in more of these videos soon. You'll hear, see more of what she does with GCash, and hope you get to learn a thing or two.


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