foodpanda Offers THIS MUCH in the Year of the Wood Dragon

Monday, February 05, 2024

Tikoy and more!

Chinese New Year is quite near, approximately 5 days from now. The Year of the Wood Dragon screams of power, vigor and charisma... so lucky are those who would be born in this year.

Luck is for everybody and so here goes our lovely folks from foodpanda to make sure you get the perks you need to get that celebration started. They calle it "Feast of Fortune" which comes with tons of good things so you could take 2024 with confidence, just like what the dragon represents, and Pau-Pau too.

Tikoy in Your Area

As sticky as that sounds, a staple in every Filipino CNY celebration is Tikoy. You can get one from Pandamart for as low as Php 99. I usually do my groceries online these days because they've got promos and vouchers available that would make delivery FREE and even get a few hundred pesos off the actual bill. You can also opt for other stores in the same section and get your own Pau-Pau Ang Pau with it. This is only available from February 1-11, just hearing that date makes it so auspicious!

For the Dragon Appetite

If you want to pick up the food or have it delivered, foodpanda does it all. They've got several Chinese Restaurants, food establishments that would make your celebrations easy because you never even have to cook. This is also the time to eat tons of dumplings (for more money according to Chinese folklore) which I've been doing in the past few weeks (please don't judge lol).

From Lumpia, Pansit, Lechon Macau, and the variety of noodles, you'll get not just long life, but a great meal for family and friends.

Best of all, you can get to take Php 500 off your bill on pandamart, other shops or food delivery services by using CNY500 on February 9-11, so make sure to take note! There are other deals inside the app plus subscriptions that can get you more deals at the foodpanda app!

If you want to know more, visit their site or their social channels because everything's there!

As they say during this season, Gong Xi! Gong Xi!


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