LG, UNTV and WISH 107.5 Hasten Efforts Versus COVID-19

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Premiere South Korean based innovator LG Electronics joined hands with UHF News and Rescue TV channel UNTV and their subsidiary FM radio station WISH 107.5 recently to help build efforts to fight COVID-19. Through their operator Breakthrough and Milestones Production International, they have conceptualized facilities to cater to COVID-19 patients especially those that may have not been accommodated/spilled over by other health institutions. Now, it stands as a 3-storey building situated in Malolos, Bulacan of which can now accept patients with its 35 rooms, and 18 others dedicated for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff.

LG Electronics Philippines on the other hand committed to raise the comfort of both patients and health workers and began outfitting the facility with a humongous amount of home appliances. LG has donated 65 28” LED Monitors, 4 Top Load Washing Machines, 5 Top Mount Refrigerators, and 2 1HP Split-Type Air conditioners. This amounts to over 1 million Pesos worth of premium home appliances which surely will be put to good use. These patient rooms will have individuals who will stay 14 days for quarantine/isolation, all of which will have their LG LED Monitor so they could keep entertained and up to date of the day's broadcast.

Aside from that, the stay-in staff and medical personnel will also get to use LG's heavy duty washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioners. This will be a big help for those who will take care of the patients.

LG's Managing Director Inkwun Heo says “Even as the Philippines transition to a General Community Quarantine and restrictions are lessened, Filipinos and these health institutions still need all the help they can get. As long as we can lend our help, we’re more than happy to do it”.

I guess that's where they say "Life is good!". Thanks to these good people, a lot would benefit from it.


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