Double Cashback When You Order Food and PayMaya

Saturday, August 22, 2020

This thing popped up on my PayMaya app and yes I got hungry. I was supposed to order in Chowking but I'm a burger guy so I switched to Burger King. I didn't really know you could do this now and order via Facebook Messenger. I went to the official Burger King Facebook page and clicked on their Message button. I proceeded to choose a few items by initiating the bot with the Order Now command. You can actually do this in all Jollibee Foods Corporation restaurants so it's pretty handy.

They have very minimal delivery charges, even lower than Grab. Not that I'm insinuating anything, but anything to save a buck right? Aside from that, the order system was pretty simple. Although they don't have the restaurant promos listed on the menu. 

Unlike the Grab option, you can't track the driver. The only thing that kept me assured was, I was ordering in a legit page and they tell you when everything is packed and on its way to you. I paid via PayMaya by entering my phone number and password, which then sends an otp to you confirming payment. 

I then got an online receipt plus a text message of my transaction. It also sent me an email with all the details of my order.

It only took a few minutes after the last message of Burger King before I got the orders I made. The XL Chicken and Whopper was really good, although I think I generally ordered because of the Onion Rings. That hit the spot!

What's even better than the convenient order is that I got double CASHBACK from PayMaya. Albeit only one percent this instance, I usually get 10% or 100% when this promo happens, malas lang ako today LOL! The promo though is until the end of September so if you're looking to win cashbacks, now is the right time to do it. Although, you have to make sure your account is upgraded otherwise you won't qualify for it.

So what are you waiting for? Go order in these restaurants now and pay via PayMaya so you too can get double CASHBACK. 

I'm not gonna tell you twice!


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