Treasured NVIDIA GEFORCE Finds On Shopee

Friday, August 07, 2020

I have gotten my share of victories in Shopee finding computer parts, peripherals and upgrades to my current arsenal. Honestly, I thought I had to go to physical stores like malls, Hemady, or Greenhills, but in this weird health crisis forcing us to stay in our homes just to be safe. I have already figured out how to use a second display but am looking for a new main monitor that would fit my work requirements, be fast and keep up with my activities as I plan to invest in gaming hardware.

Shopee fortunately has AOC G2590PX/71 NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Gaming Monitors offered on their NVIDIA GEFORCE official store, all in the app. Armed with several vouchers and few Shopee coins, I've been looking for deals in the store and found a few that I like. I am a bit of a monochrome guy so I love the black shiny exteriors, monstrous 24.5 inch screen with 144Hz resolution so no games get weird shadows on it. It's also very economical, less power consumption, quality wise, it's no second rate, severely top notch in fact.

If you find this quite nice, they have other products on the app which you might find equally amazing:

NVIDIA GEFORCE Official Store in Shopee

Aoc G2590PX/71 NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Gaming Monitor

What would be better managing your tasks but by getting work organized in a wider screen fit to do a lot of things. Add to that, your times in shooter or rpg themed games would be surreal and life like. Make that experience special for you because you work hard for the money. Take strides to download the Shopee app now on Google Play and the App Store here. Opportunities would surely come because you're bound to be more efficient in the workplace, take your greatness and put it into action now!


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