Jessy Mendiola, Pokwang, Ria Atayde and Pauleen Sotto Does New Shows on TV5

Friday, August 28, 2020

A few days ago, we got to meet Jessy Mendiola, Ms. Pokwang, Ria Atayde and Pauleen Luna Sotto. I have personally met these ladies in different shows, movies, even several iWant series. With the closure of ABSCBN, talents have been onto different projects elsewhere, specifically TV5 and Cignal as their new shows come out. 

Jessy Mendiola is doing her first season of Fit for Life, which will be shown once a week. That’s 7am on Sundays at TV5 and 7pm over at Cignal TV’s COULOURS network. Now for starters, I didn’t know much about Jessy’s regimen, but knowing how good her body looks today, that must have come from a really good workout routine and diet. It is one of the reasons she wanted to share it. She too had some struggles on her weight but her current lifestyle change worked for her and she wants the same to happen to more people. The show will not be just concentrating on the workout sessions. Most often than not, she’s going to sit down with experts and talk about the hows and whys of being healthy. She also did mention during the presscon that it is also important to discuss mental health because as much as the physical workouts do happen, the importance of talking about it and getting the right mindset is essential. I agree. Oh and did I forget to say, she’s gorgeous and blooming, definitely inlove with Luis Manzano. She also told us her fears of interviewing Ms Vilma Santos since she is hosting now. Also, she shared some of the things they went through shooting the episodes while on lockdown. They did it in quarantine period, with social distancing, plus none of them went home to their families til everyone got tested negative before and after GCQ. There were lots of revelations too, things very personal to her so in a sense, it is very intimate. Make sure you catch it on TV5!

Ms. Pokwang, Ria Atayde and Pauleen Luna Sotto are the hosts of new morning show called Chika BESH. These days, you need comic relief and entertained and bits of that will come from Ms. Pokwang, who also is motherly at times. She makes them both comfortable, which they all appreciate. Ria gives off a vibe of being current, present, a little feisty at times but very passionate, she might be young but talks real sensical stuff every time they have guests in the show. Pauleen Sotto in the recent episodes showcased how really well equipped she is as a host, coming from Eat Bulaga, she shared a lot of her experience with them and yes, she is a ball of fun. Together, their combination might be unconventional to some people, but I have addictively watched all of their episodes and enjoyed their interviews. They have interesting point of views, they have different backgrounds and that means they represent ordinary joes like you and me. Ria mentions how change is constant, it’s why people face their fears so they have a taste of their little goals and victories, I felt happy each time they end one episode to another. They also have content from the web included in the show so you’ll never get bored. DJ Malaya Macaraeg does Tatak Pinoy featuring Filipino products, Christian Antolin does food tours, recipes for Laps Trips, Tiktok pro Inricho Bautista does viral videos and stories for SKL (Share Ko Lang). They also have Taki Saito who shares her experience as a Filipina-Japanese actress and TV host in Tokyo, Japan, Kimpoy Feliciano does travel vlog stories in New Zealand, and Shine Kuk (whom I met in Regal) is South Korean-born TV personality will do stories about K-Pop and K-Drama, a good mix definitely. This definitely comes from the nice work that production does. I felt happy after watching them, which is their main goal.

Now if you haven’t watched Chika BESH yet, please indulge in doing so from Mondays through Fridays at ‪10:00 AM‬ on TV5. It also airs on Colours ‪at 11:00 AM‬ which is available on Cignal TV on CH. 202 HD and CH. 60 SD. 

Thank you so much to the nice people of TV5 and Cignal TV, plus all the artists who were so cordial answering questions from the press. 

I’ll be watching you! Cheers!


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