Smart Solutions To Combat Covid-19 Offered by Taiwan

Saturday, August 08, 2020

This pandemic has brought upon a lot of changes in the world and yes, we’re continuing to battle an invisible enemy. The World Health Organization (WHO) said there are 18,354,342 confirmed cases globally claiming around 696,147 lives bringing distraught to their families. Taiwan is one of these 200 countries dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, but dealt with it using smart solutions; and they believe effective communication should be at the forefront of the fight against the virus. The Global Covid-19 Index in a recent report has put Taiwan as among the Top 5 countries that can best recover from Covid-19.

This is why they recently launched recently launched, a website where Taiwan shares its experience in fighting the virus to affected countries around the world, including the Philippines. This info drive website offers information for stakeholders, local and foreign expertise and comprehensively answers common questions and other information the public needs to know regarding Covid-19.

The Philippines can also have their LGU’s learn more about how they conduct contact tracing and how the Taiwanese government implements health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus at first reporting. The website also includes information for medical frontliners, as the site shows different scenarios on how patients can be treated in case they are infected. The site also keeps ordinary individuals informed about how virus transmission works, what risks and complications people can get that can affect various age and gender demographics. There are also materials for mental health concerns, how to spot the usual symptoms and procedures on what to do immediately in case of suspected infection and where people could go for medical assistance in case it happens.

Philippine businesses can also learn a thing or two on how to implement smart supply management solutions. Taiwan has done measures on companies to help protect their employees via face masks and other protective equipment. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) has been a reliable partner of Filipino businesses and has organized various forums including “Taiwan’s Medical Services and Epidemic Prevention Experience Sharing” ( which was held last July. They also featured “Taiwan Biomedical Solution to Covid-19 and Genetic Analysis,” which was co-organized by Hsinchu Science Park. It featured some of the top biomedical companies in Taiwan.

It’s quite nice Taiwan is making headway battling this virus and it has remarkably shown how effective their measures are and how they have flattened the curve. The Taiwanese government is willing to share their victories to other affected countries so they too can overcome challenges of this economically and health debilitating virus. We’ve got to listen to good measures and apply it to our own. That would be a good thing.


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