10% OFF on these Casio watches during Shopee’s Fashion Friday

Thursday, August 27, 2020

I've been a fan of Casio since I was a kid. I think I still have my original digital piece at home, but I would probably have to find time to find it, heck it's been years since I haven't used that. These days, I've given my attention to the latest G-Shock lines which are more practical, very tough, enough to fall off a building and still won't break. 

The man who invented it (dubbed as the Father of G-Shock) was here a couple years ago. He told us how he started and why he was solving a pretty simple problem that was hounding a whole enchilada of watch wearers and how they could wear it outdoors, with an active life, one that could be worn everyday. The old ones get scratched, a little too high maintenance and can't be worn when perspiring ensues. Anyway, we all know now how good a G-Shock is. What's even better is that Casio's got their official Shopee store now and watches can now be bought online via the Shopee app.

We took a little tour and checked out their wares, I have to tell you, some of them made me drool. I like the resin bands, how it is shock resistant, and even have 200 meter water resistance. Each piece has a their own look but the must have features are all there, with some having more than others so consumers always have a choice. Check them out here! 

Casio Philippines Official Store

Casio G-Shock (GBD-H1000-8DR) Black Resin Strap GPS Heart Rate Bluetooth 200 Meter Solar Watch


Casio G-Shock GA-2100-1ADR Black Resin Strap Shock Resistant 200 Meter Analog Digital Watch


So if you haven't downloaded the Shopee app on Google Play and the App Store, this is the best time to do so because it is nearing Shopee's Fashion Friday. You won't even have to walk, drive and put yourself in harms way and just be delivered to your door in a few days. Maybe you can start here to download the Shopee app.

Oh and don't let me stop you because the 9.9 Sale is near. 


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