Dare to Be Who You Are with the REALME C15

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The REALME C15 is the newest smartphone model released by the fastest growing brand realme. In the eve of a pandemic, where every man, woman, teen or person is looking for a phone that would be sufficient for online classes, photography, video and a little gaming on the side, this delivers quite nicely on their promise, plus two wonderful things, the battery life of 6000 mAh and the wonderful price point it is in.

We talked to their Marketing Lead Eason De Guzman yesterday on a blogger online meetup and he says "Dare to Be is one of our campaigns, our realme Fan Fest this August is all about having representation of who you are and what you are, to introduce a smartphone that would fit your lifestyle. We are going to make this fit you and not just settle on technical stuff. I am grateful for all your support for the brand and we want to elevate with what you can do with a companion smartphone, this no longer just promotion, but definitely something that would fit you. Realme fan fest will be happening the whole month, and we have tons of partnerships with brands like Angkas, via MLBB allstars Tournament, Forever21 Real Fashion challenge, realme Mobile Legends Cup Season 3. RMC is a partnership with Mobile Legends, for Tiktok Treats, we have Wave 2. We have tons of prizes in store where people can win points if you follow instructions and use it to get gadgets and phones as well. Angkas also is having Spot the Angkas where you need to take a photo of riders with the special #RealmexAngkas outfits.

He adds "We also have the Realme C15 launching soon (yes TODAY), it has the Helio G35 processor same as the C11. The upgrades are the first quad camera in the C Series, 13MP cam, black and white lens, 8MP lens and a rethro lens. This has up to 57 days of standby power because of the 6000 mAh battery. You can play lots of games, do calls, use the 18W fast charge which you can have 25% of juice in just 30minutes. C15 will be available in 3GB+64GB and 4GB+64GB variant. Only 1000 pcs will be available in Lazada PH only. We have plans and contests in the future which will be only for those who have it. It will be a huge celebration for Realme, we are determined to launch a 5G phone soon which you probably have seen in Smart ads/materials.”

I asked about why they are doing it in August which is known as the ghost month, he replied "We want to keep peoples morale up, this is more on giving back to the community, hence our partnerships with other brands. The clamor of our fans/community is being active still, so we are doing this even if it is ghost month. We are a brand that started hearing the needs of users who want more power and style. It is already worldwide, our global expansion is happening, we adhere to local culture and adaptation. This is why we are the fastest growing smartphone brand in just a small amount of time."

"The C15 has a polycarbonate plastic but is fingerprint resistant because of the pattern, it is textured and we heard that from users, then considered it. This is something that people are looking forward to now, people want to explore business, homeschooling, a battery that lasts longer than needed is what we gave this phone now."

Now here's a little unboxing video I made of the Realme C15, enjoy!

Also, here are some sample photos I shot yesterday while on my usual GCQ shopping/market trip for essentials.

Note: These are unedited and are compressed for web. These are in different sizes as the phone has got different frames and modes.

Food shots in regular frame
Now you know what I had for breakfast
Can't sleep so took a selfie
1x1 with a model street cat named Hurley (I made that up)
Nightmode inside my room (pitch black) but it still got a shot of my curtains
Full Frame shot after an afternoon monsoon rain
You can feel the emotions of the shot, because it was gloomy when I did this and it is gloomy on the output.

I have also taken videos using the time lapse and slow mo options of this phone and it did an excellent job despite my shaky hands. I bet I can use them for B rolls if ever I had a vlog for that too. It is available in two colors, Seagull Silver and Marine Blue. Imagine the countless hours of gaming and entertainment you can spend on one charge, that alone is AMAZING!

As for the price, they just released it just a few minutes ago and yes, it is under 7K. This doodle box exclusive phone is going to be available in Lazada as an Online Exclusive: Php6,490 3+64 starting August 20, 6:30PM. Also on 8.28 realme Super Brand Day.

The realme C15 will be available both online and offline (realme stores and official dealers) at Php6,990 for tue 4+64GB version starting August 21. You've got options if you've got cash, this was a good buy though.

Dare to be part of the Realme community! 


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