TV5 Partners With Cignal Entertainment for New Shows in the Kapatid Network

Monday, August 10, 2020

The landscape of broadcasting has changed and TV5 is ramping up their shows and reviving their entertainment arm earmarked with this new partnership with Cignal Entertainment. 

They did close down their home grown entertainment shows and talent pool a few years back and just concentrated on Sports and News programs as a business decision. However, they saw how there is a need for new and fresh content for Filipinos and that would need to come from somewhere. Broadcasting is having a major transformation and people are looking for options especially in free to air and pay tv. Number one pay tv provider Cignal TV knows this and the move to partner with TV5 is in some way came naturally, as Robert Galang the head honcho for TV5 says "We are now positioned better, as we enter a new phase to expand programming and promote new content in our assets.There will be in house production for TV5 but for news and sports. Most of our entertainment content now will be independently produced. TV5 and Cignal TV will be having the same head, having a common vision leading both companies to seamlessly work together. Separate orgs, but will have more collaboration using both our strengths."

Producer and Director Perci Intalan adds "TV5 has been a breath of fresh air in the industry. This is where a lot of programs have been born and now in the crucial time of TV history, they decided to invest in entertainment again. Now we are balancing entertainment content that the advertisers are looking for, starting APT entertainment who has 2 shows (Bawal Na Game Show and Fill in the Bank) , doing things they are really good at. Talentadong Pinoy is also back, with Ryan Agoncillo called “Bangon Talentadong Pinoy”, Usapang Real Life with Ms. Luchi Cruz Valdez, Chika BESH with Pokwang, Pauleen Luna Sotto and Ria Atayde, Fit For Life with Jessy Mendiola, In Action with Raffy Tulfo. We are planning a lot in 2021 and even 2022 as suddenly, things are possible.

These are the new shows!

New shows on TV5 coming very soon!

Bawal na Game Show with Paolo Ballesteros and Wally Bayola
Bangon Talentadong Pinoy with Ryan Agoncillo
Usapang Real Life with Ms. Luchi Cruz Valdez
Fit for Life with Jessy Mendiola
Pokwang, Pauleen Luna Sotto and Ria Atayde for Chika na BESH
Idol in Action with Raffy Tulfo
Fill In The Bank with Pokwang and Jose Manalo

About Branding One Sports, OnePH, OneTV

Ms. Triccie Tolentino the Vice President/Head of Marketing for Media5 says “TV5 is already a good brand and what will change is just programming. It’s just going to be bigger and better. All our shows will be in digital, our platforms will also bear that including Cignal TV and we will cross promote through these channels.”

On Maine Mendoza

Ms. Sienna Olaso the First Vice President and Head of Channels & Content for CignalTV says "A few months back we launched Buko channel, in there we have programs with Maine, hopefully Perci can also add more of that content into TV5. We continue to plan and do creative content in our channels. The pandemic is just pushing off some, a little of the shoots."

So stay tuned for that, you might see Maine and other Buko channel programs in TV5.

On Kris Aquino Being Part of TV5

Direk Perci days “Kris is very much welcome in TV5 but there are a few things they need to fix from their side and that production is external. It is their turf, but one thing for sure is that we are excited for her and we will wait for her."

About Ms. Sharon Cuneta and ABSCBN

Sir Robert Galang says "TV5 is open to everybody including talents of ABSCBN. We are working with independent producers working with us, in co productions or block timers, we can work with everybody."

We got the impression that they are even open to the idea of getting block timers which may be good news if ABSCBN would see that as an opportunity.

Direk Perci adds "Ms. Sharon Cuneta is also welcome if someone produces her show on TV5, issues in the past don’t matter. We don’t and never close doors."

On IdeaFirst Content

Direk Perci says “I am not pushing for anything from IdeaFirst as I am wearing two hats. I only approve shows as accorded to me by content and TV5 programming. Also, Gameboys is already good in Youtube, I don’t know yet for TV, but anything can happen.”

I hope they do consider this including Pearl Next Door because it's high time people see it on free to air and digital TV.

For those who want to pitch content in TV5, they are looking for quality, fresh content, gameshows, narratives, if it passes their taste, it can be presented in the channel. He says "We are talking to producers mostly, if they have stars from any channel it is their choice. We don’t talk to individual artists so it would be from them. There will be opportunities, to intentionally have our own stars. Someone can pitch, talent shows included, remember we discovered Morisette in a show before. A lot of stars have just not gotten big breaks, we will let it come naturally if it can happen with TV5. There are more ways to break the tradition of programming, the genre may always be the same but how you do it is the difference. We will be pushing the envelope."

Direk also added “We are targetting August 15, for the formal launch of this partnership. We are also in talks with other production companies but they are still in development. Big comeback? Of course it can’t be done in one day but our first shows will be launched in August 15. We are mindful people don’t want everything in one day, but rest assured there will be more shows on TV5."

Fill in the BANK and Bawal na Game Show will start on August 15, 6PM to 8PM

So for now, they've confirmed Fill in the Bank, Bawal na Gameshow and Chika Na BESH which is produced by APT Entertainment. We can't wait to see these new shows and a brand new TV5 lineup in the coming months.

Are you excited? :) I am!


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