Daikin Introduces AGA MULACH as First Brand Ambassador

Friday, June 14, 2019

It’s a great morning and it’s a great day to have a reveal because Daikin made sure this will be in the raps. They didn’t tell a soul about their choice but everybody was excited including their dealers who were also at the press conference.

It was witnessed by Daikin’s Division Manager for Sales Operations Jed Caburian, Senior Manager for Global Operations Kojo Domoto, their President Lee Wai Kok, Vice President Ikuo Kani, Assistant Division Manager for Market Development Carina Lau and their Division Manager for HR and General Affairs Gerry Cortez.

They treat this as a milestone because this is the first time they are getting a person to represent the brand. He believes in Daikin and he has installed them in their own home.

Lee Wai Kok says “Our esteemed dealers and partners, today marks a historic moment in our 10 years in the Philippines. Year on year growth had us realize we can improve and strengthen our market and it continues to grow at a very dynamic pace. It has paved the way in middle class spending since 2010 til now. Most of our branding activities have been very traditional, it is appropriate to usher our 10th year to try something new and see someone they can relate to. Who can represent our company? Who is a Daikin user himself? Someone credible, today I am proud to announce our first ambassador who can bring the human element in our products that can associate our brand promise to our face and voice, which we commit to deliver to all our customers. He is a good man, he can drive customers, it is our pleasure to introduce our ambassador today!”

Koji Domoto says “Guests from the press, good morning. Whenever I come back in the country, I am surprised about the development, but like you I don’t like the traffic. Now we are going to update our branding strategy to having it be localized. A regional tagline (perfecting the air), our 95th anniversary (on October 25), shop display concept (make appealing ones in different countries). Please continue to support Daikin Philippines.”

Ms. Carina Lau says “We have had branding milestones in the country, but Daikin has existed since 1924. Daikin Alen Air Conditioning started in the PH in 1998. We have opened our Ortigas, Cebu, Davao and tons of different branches in different parts of the country. Last year we had our Dagupan, Ilocos, and moved here in Bridgetowne too. This 2019 we will be launching our new Cebu office, new products and our new ambassador. It includes Eco King, Cooling King, D Smart King including our Smart Inverter series. We have been pushing for non window type air conditioning units and our campaigns include your favorite sport in the PBA, even billboards, taxi ads, Christmas jingles, even our online channels. We also participate in caravans and roadshows and our national dealers conference. All our dealers also have signages, showrooms, and coming soon our latest one in EXXA showroom in our main office. See you all soon!”

Then they announced Aga Mulach as their brand ambassador.

“He and his family owns Daikin, he is a happy user of the brand he is endorsing. He is trustworthy, credible and the perfect person to represent our brand.”

“I am grateful and honored to be chosen by Daikin as their endorser. Parts of my home is still being constructed and I made sure I have something dependable, one that could last me years and I found that in Daikin.”

Congratulations Daikin! You’ll be going cute and strong with Aga!


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