Refreshing Gabbi Garcia on GMA Artistakeover

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Get ready for Gabbi Garcia as she takes over GMA's social media channels. 

I've seen it and yes the word is refreshing. This month's GMA Artistakeover will be graced by no other than the beautiful Gabbi Garcia. She's GMA's Global Endorser and IT girl who has graced countless spreads, commercials and editorials. The IGTV two part series though brings a more approachable, more toned down version of her as she shares pretty good information on how she started in showbusiness, that includes audition fails and shows she joined in the past.

She also shares her outfit pegs so you can see how to dress up on special occasions, how to accessorize without going overboard. She also shares terms on how Millennials speak, pretty good reference for Titas of Manila lol.

Gabbi Garcia is a breath of fresh air and from dramas, news casting duties and letting it all out, she doesn't have to be uptight all the time. That's her charm, and that's why she's loved all these years. Make sure you also see part 2 of GMA Artistakeover ((as she shares her beauty essentials) featuring Gabbi Garcia, she's going to give you even more of her.

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