Do You Have K?

Thursday, June 27, 2019

You're middle aged but signs are showing, it doesn't stop and everyone is worried. Sit down and stop what you're doing because hunny, this might be tell tale signs that you have Potassium deficiency.

Ms. Elizabeth Lietz of Paracelsus Life Sciences Corporation makers of Neutra K and Vince Velasco who hosted the event

Feel old and restless? We all do sometimes, but you can do something about it because they now have potassium food supplements in the Philippines. Paracelsus Life Sciences Corporation just got their flagship product out called Neutra K. The right amount of Potassium reduces the risk of tons of things like stroke, lowers blood pressure, prevents the loss of muscle mass (good for those who work out) and tons of good things as benefits.

Team Neutra K

They want this to be something that professionals would consider especially in this fast paced lifestyle. I don't take much supplements but if it does do good and matches what I need for my body, why shouldn't I right? 

Neutra K is made by Filipinos for the Filipino

Neutra K is now available at Mercury Drug and all leading pharmacies nationwide. If you think you need more potassium on your diet and can't depend on bananas (which you prolly think is the only source of it), you can now get them conveniently over the counter. Isn't that nice?

Ask yourself, do you have K?


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