Mikee Quintos and Anthony Rosaldo for #REVELATION at the Music Museum

Thursday, June 13, 2019

June 28 is a #Revelation, it will also be the first concert of Mikee Quintos together with Anthony Rosaldo. It was a friendship born out of affinity at work and in Studio 7, they have been able to see each others strengths, do numbers together and found that even though they do music that is totally different from each other, they would still be able to make it work. On this day, they will also be supported by friends Solenn Heussaff, the Zamora brothers, Jo Berry and a lot more will be there.

When we sat down with Mikee Quintos, she says “When I was younger I had singing lessons but played music online a bit, I discontinued and taught myself. My parents don’t sing but my Grandma taught me a lot, your posture, all those small things and it was nice to begin. It all started with Pao and he pitched this concept, if I’m gonna be honest I have been 3 years in showbiz and I haven’t made time for singing, a concert, I thought they weren’t serious, I had to prepare, because of the people who pushed me, it gave me back my confidence. I wanna make this happen. We are so different but when we did sing I felt we could work with something here. He is sweet, he has so much range. In this concert it will have those things, our different styles, a little jazz, hiphop, throwback songs, different flavors. The whole show is a whole experience, not just showcasing a talent. After Onanay, I did a lot of guestings but right now I have to focus on the concert, this is a different level of fulfillment for me and I love this, this is a break from my comfort zone and my close friends know this makes me bond more with my music side. I realized how excited they are for me, my family and friends are very supportive. The last three years, I get frustrated, I am a work in progress. I wanna inspire people even at that condition. I will be dancing, not like in Studio 7, all out, hopefully I have the moves figured out. Revelation means these insecurities, but this is a big thing for me. My Mom has helped me a lot and I have to thank her for that.”

Anthony Rosaldo says “I told her that I was smiling ear to ear because I love how she sings (he pointed to the stage where they sang together). I know people expect me to sing and belt, some new songs that I will do on the concert. It is a medley, I have diva songs, the arrangement is tailor made for me and it is big. I also have a segment with the Zamora brothers. We will work out our songs, we have duets, I love how different her voice is and when that happens on stage it will not necessarily be all power, but it will be all heart. I met her in Studio 7, I was introducing myself to artists but she was so lovely, very down to earth. We hang out, we do meetings and bond over food and drinks. Now we talk about the concert, now I know her more. For me, I am very new in the industry, the opps I have on Tv is limited and here it is very personal and what I can really do, I can do it here. This is different because it is when I’m a Kapuso artist, I have fans to show my gratitude and make them all proud about their sacrifices. I can finally show them we made it. I think the whole concert is given to them, I might do it in the concert and might talk about it. I have to reconnect, harder to invite nowadays. My fans give me extended help, they really make it happen. We met and this concept was approved, we had to go through a lot and we were allowed. Sorry I got a little emotional, I still get nervous, I need to step up a lot with how I sing. I do breathing exercises to calm down backstage, I guess if you believe and trust God and give it all up to him.”

Now for those who would want to purchase tickets to the show, it is available via TicketNet online, the Music Museum (venue) and their management. Go get them now, it would be a nice time to discover new artists, and see how they perform their type of music.

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