Aiai and Bayani Brings Millennial Fun in Feelenial

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cignal Entertainment and DSL Events and Productions bring you a new fun movie that will take your not so young family members into the millennial generation, I mean, wouldn’t that be fun?

This film stars the Comedy Concert Queen Aiai Delas Alas, and the very funny ultimate sidekick Bayani Agbayani in a journey that is so unfamiliar to them.

James Meneses who handles content with Cignal Entertainment says “I speak for the company and this movie is a milestone. It is our 5th theatrical release and first of DSL Production under Ms Pops Fernandez. This is also the first teamup of Aiai and Bayani. I hope you enjoy this film as much as we had fun making it.”

The producer Concert Queen Pops Fernandez says “I can say, thank you for coming here and it is the first time we are seeing this, I hope you like this and post something about it on social media. Sit back, relax and keep laughing!”

Ms Aiai says “I hope you all like this, I can’t wait to see it! I think millennials can relate to the story and even the feelenials. It is a very good film, thank you Cignal and DSL Productions for making this happen, for making this night special.”

The film also includes actors Skelly Skelly, Nar Cabico, Arvic Tan, Raffy Roque, Gelai Andres and Sofia Delas Alas.

We watched the film with the cast this evening and it was really funny. It’s not the type with super slapstick and boink sounds we usually see on comedies, mostly funny lines and timing interjected situations. It’s also filled with lines that you can just finish in your head, some you would think is personal, watch out for the dinner scene because that’s where you’ll understand what I mean.

The film also is a little filled with profanity, something that they kinda not hold back on some instances so you’ll feel it’s actually real in some way or form. Plus, it’s got a bit of a love story. I don’t want to spoil things but if you wanna ask if this is a good movie or not, it has its merits. It’s not a cheap movie, it was made quite nice, using HD cams so it also feels fresh.

Retchie Del Carmen directed this film. The sequences of their conversation is just so funny, more like they’re throwing hugot lines used more by millennials, it was so funny when they found out what they were doing in the end. You’ve gotta see this funny movie, it’s not over the top, it just feels fresh for a Bayani and Aiai starred project. This also teaches you to accept each others flaws, to love when you can. Shows June 19.

It’s fun, trust me. :)


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