Sizzlin Steak x Teriyaki Boy's Beef Belly Strips and Tempura All You Can!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Have you ever had the freedom to eat BEEF BELLY STRIPS as much as you can? How about tons of Tempura for your Japanese food cravings? If you haven't had that yet, things might need to change as both Sizzlin' Steak and Teriyaki Boy bring you All-You-Can weekdays just for that!

Get a serving of Rice and a glass of iced tea and let them fill you up with Beef Belly Strips for only P349. I had that and got about ten servings of it in one sitting. I couldn't move much after serving number 8 haha! My other friends got the Tempura for the same price, though if you want more rice you just order that off the menu and it is still affordable. If you wish to have more servings of hot sizzling plates of Beef Belly Strips or Tempura, just go and raise the signboards and you'll get them running to your table. My trick is to order ahead because I kinda measure what I can still eat, but don't waste food!


Pork Tonkatsu

Chicken Teriyaki


If you want other things aside from Beef Belly Strips or Tempura, they have tons to choose from including desserts. The All You Can Eat though is enough, but who's stopping you right?

The offer is only good on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the whole month! You've got a few more weeks left this JUNE. 

Go get that sizzle!


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