Thursday, June 20, 2019

There’s so much more with HOOQ as the app makes you choose with a click of a button with Book Free, one month FREE festival until July 21. With some of the best indie and mainstream film makers, you would be able to watch it for the whole month starting tomorrow without the need to register on the platform. This was announced this evening during the FREE PLAY event at the Mac Power Center at Circuit Makati.

Hooq Free is an innovation as they add FREE content in short or long form on the app. This festival is only from June 21 to July 20 and it includes 1000+ movies in it. They want to eliminate too many steps, less privacy concerns too. It’s a taste of what HOOQ is only for this month. The Hooq FREE has short form contents, some originals, tons of content from the Philippines, other Asian countries and even Hollywood. There is a spotlight on some of your favorite movies, pick up and download the app if you’re up to it. They also have an original Margie Holmes show on the platform that would be very educational. Some movies will star your favorite actors and actresses and we saw them during the event live!

They took a lot of learnings from Filipino habits during the 4 years they have been here and they have a network of content creators to bring in content from recent movies, even those in the pipeline.

They are not completely free, just some, but it will give a glimpse of what they offer and if you do via 59 pesos a week, you’ll get even more. Not all are supported by ads even on FREE so you can get something to entertain you, air as is with parental controls of course on some of it because John Wick isn’t for everyone lol.


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