ANGKAS Does Rider Re-Training, Pilot Run

Thursday, June 13, 2019

DOTR gave them a go signal for pilot run/ operations in Metro Manila and Cebu. Now they are doing a lot of things for the operation of Angkas in Manila.

David Medrano the Angkas Head of Operations “One of the causes of danger in this system is that the rider often doesn’t hold on to the driver. Now the vest has the driver’s ID, two helmets and improvement on the biker app. Both the rider and passenger are given these paraphernalia as if they are new passengers. We share the cost for it, and very easy to pay for, technically subsidized by Angkas. There will be no change in the fare either, it will stay the same even with the additional expenses. We accept high end non modified motorcycles, it will be only for 7 years, we don’t encourage riders to take a trip while it’s raining because it is very dangerous. We really discourage that. There is no denying too that we have riders are getting harassed, by other sectors, we cannot worry about them as much because we prioritize passengers. There are only a few instances, we won’t let that slide if it needs to be addressed.”

George Royeca the Angkas Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs says “Thank you to everyone who came here, we are very happy to tell you that we are retraining our force to make sure all the conditions have been met. They will also be given paraphernalia for passengers, a new vest with a new design for the safety of our riders. It is the duty of rider and driver to always make sure they are safe on the road. If there are new safety measures, it will go to the manufacturers and the law. There will be no modifications, will have bike tests to make sure they are safe on the road. Insurance will be given to the driver and passenger, for death and dismemberment and also claims. Suspension and banning of the platform will be given to erring drivers dependent on the gravity of offense. Our current rider accident rate is 0.003% which came from the number of rides over the accidents met on the road. We wish to bring that down still. The pilot is 27,000 and we had very nice congress support, hopefully we get laws passed including rules and regulation.”

Robert BolaƱos Chairman of Motorcycle Rights Organization says “This is the reason why the rider organization is supporting Angkas, because of safety. We also see how they got into the advocacy of safety, training the riders and even the passengers information. Angkas has resources to promote road safety, to share the road, and t doesn’t stop there and perhaps have delivery, messengers to also do this to protect them and the riding public. It is how they think and how they act, we are involved and make people aware that there are strict standards. What they fail to realize is that they will get the same if Angkas passes the standards, for the entire motorcycle industry. These standards puts us on top again, that is the goal.”

Now make sure your Angkas experience would be a good one and see they get trained first before you, the passenger would actually ride one. They are conducting retraining now and equipping their drivers with new vests with new designs and even new helmets. This is part of the TWG, the ones who will make decisions. Hopefully they get less than 5% during this pilot run, so they have bullets to fill their case in congress. Shower caps and face masks can now also be demanded from riders, so if you ride on please do ask for it for hygienic purposes.


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