Manny Pacquiao To Launch PAC TOKEN and PAC PAY in September Concert

Monday, June 17, 2019

It was a fine evening to see the country’s greatest boxer Manny Pacquiao. They are launching the Pac Token, the champ’s very own Crypto Currency and also Pac Pay which is a payment service similar to GCash and Paymaya. He is working hand in hand with GCOX, a Singapore based Crypto Currency Exchange and he’ll be the first one to do this with them.

Manny Pacquiao says “The lord gave me this opportunity for a purpose. I have a good family, I have big responsibility as a public servant. I am happy to know that I have inspired athletes and the young generation, all with their hopes and dreams. If I could do it with athletic excellence, I can do this with GCOX, it offers global celebrities with personal tokens and now my own personal crypto token can connect me with fans and this is called PAC TOKEN. This will revolutionize purchasing services, use to support philantrophic causes I champion. We also have Pac Pay, to use and have discounts to communities of people who have helped me to be where I am. It is time to share my passion too for music. I love music even if music doesn’t love me, I love singing so much and I hope my fans join me in my music celebration, to come and enjoy this at the Smart Araneta Coliseum without paying a single cent, I think this is my comeback, only for the fans and the people.”

He jests “We need to invite more guests and singers, I don’t think I am ready to do this alone. “

There will be other Asian artists included as this is Pac Token (with requirements) and Pac Pay (is like a wallet service much like what we have in the country). It is a blockchain startup and Pacquiao believes in the dream, he supported GCOX and they promise more technologies like this which will all be launched on the concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum come September 1.

The concert will be free and the services will be launched on the date mentioned. September 1 may well be your date with the 10 time champ! Rush to Araneta Coliseum if you wanna see him in the flesh!


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