Watsons World of Wellness 2019

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

I was in Cebu for a weekend and stayed in the Osmena area for a few days, but totally forgot about my medicine because I was frantic packing for this trip. I seldom do but I was so glad there was a Watsons branch right across the street where my hotel was so I whipped out my Watsons card and paid for the usual maintenance medicine I needed for 4 days.

Now if I only knew they had an event there too I would have covered this World of Wellness 2019 event by Watsons. This is a health symposium that Watsons does so Filipinos could have more knowledge on health and wellness. 

As a Watsons Card Member, they got to listen to Dr. Kevin Bautista (about flu and basic asthma), whilst Dr. Celine Aquino and Dr. Marivic Vestal discussed causes of hear attacks and Dr. Marissa Garcia taught them more about the lifestyle of diabetes patients. They also got to participate in different booths and won prizes, exclusive discounts and earn points on their purchases, what a treat!

This seem to be a thing they plan to do in different parts of the country, like what they said in the launch we attended a few months back. Watsons members really get more!

Go to Watsons.com.ph or Facebook.com/watsonsph to know more about the Watsons Card. I already have one and it is for a lifetime membership!


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