The Stars of Seduction: Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, Solenn Heussaff and Jon Orlando

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seduction is... when you can't help but look at her. When you can't seem to stop thinking about her after letting her tease you with her gorgeous body, a feisty spirit, an adventurous demeanor and a comforting feeling you've been longing for. How can something this good be so bad? How can it be something that would destroy relationships, trust or even complicate things? Would you go so far and obsess yourself with the one you love? How long can you go? There are so many questions I would like to ask, but they in this film experienced it.

This is the press conference of the film Seduction, stars Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati and the incomparable Solenn Heussaff which is slated to show January 30, 2013.

Jon Orlando of famed Artista Academy and TV5 is being introduced here. We arrived a bit early and I got to chat a little bit with my good friend. Been seeing him a lot lately; and he tells us how excited he is about his first film. He's being introduced here and who knew he'd end up being directed by Peque Gallaga, awesome right?! He plays the role of Marcel; a young lad that follows Sophia (played by Solenn) around. He also documents her quest to find her roots in the Philippines. He eventually fell in love with her; and later on got what he had coming... you should watch what happens to his character. He's an intense one and he's shown that a lot in previous things he's done with AA. I bet he'll surprise you. 

Richard Gutierrez and Solenn Heussaff entered the room. Don't they look gorgeous? Richard looks dapper in his suit whilst Solenn was sultry in this silk terracotta number.

I got excerpts of Solenn Heussaff's interview and the cast inviting us all to watch the movie.

During the press conference they touched on many issues. One of whom is Sarah Lahbati. They gave very honest views about the situation. They can't really do anything with it because it is what it is. Richard Gutierrez was a little sad and you can actually see that aura. You can even feel it resonate in the room. Press people were a little icky asking about it because they don't want to offend Chard. However, the way he puts it was really cool. He was composed and said he's upset like the rest of the cast but the situation is already there; so you just have to work with it. He still gets in touch with Sarah and what the future holds for them remains to be seen. Direk Peque Gallaga has got only good words for Sarah because she really did perform above and beyond his expectations in this film. Solenn said she even got pointers from Sarah because she already has done a couple of dramatic projects which she's not quite used yet in the beginning. Solenn said good things about Sarah Lahbati too. Even though she's not in the Philippines, they know she's making an effort to promote the film on Twitter. For them that is going to help a lot and they are sure that supporters of Sarah Lahbati will be in full force even if she's not around. They know people would still want to see how Sarah gave her best making this project which Direk Peque Gallaga says, she delievered!

Jay Manalo, still had that machismo. You cannot discount the fact the he's still as sexy as he was from years ago. If pitted against the best actors in the country, he'd probably be ranked amongst real ones... not just so so. He plays a compatriot fireman of Richard Gutierrez in this movie; one that always advices him to do "not so good things". He was intense to say the least... and got that macho image still intact in every scene. He says the other cast members held their ground acting wise so it was a breeze to work with them. He does what he knows best and says Richard, Solenn, Sarah, Jon and the rest of the cast aren't the only ones to look forward to in Seduction because the whole story itself is a big deal. He also agreed with how different it feels working with someone like Direk Peque Gallaga. "It doesn't matter if he's talking with half foreigners in this movie, because he can do that too if the film and script needs him to he confidently says. As for what his involvement is in this movie, he says you should see it so you understand how he's going to play this part and why he's doing these things to Richard. Watch out for that!

It was Richard Gutierrez's  birthday. Got nice shots of him here. Although he was a bit sad because Sarah wasn't there, he made it a point to tell people how good she was in the movie.This was the time he was asked questions directly about Sarah being pregnant. It's not true he says. I guess it was time to stop the speculations. Richard was good here too. Even if he looks rich and good looking in real life, he had this role done quite believably. He didn't have to get a fake tan to portray the role and in the looks department it was really needed. No wonder these women fell for him. As far as how much he's shown on this film, they confirmed to us exposure. This is probably the first time Richard has done this and who else to advance his comfort boundaries with but with Direk Peque Gallaga. He says it was well worth it and says it's not just the actors that is making the film great, it's the story. He's excited and optimistic that fans would support them because it's not just because they star on this movie, but he believes they also have made a great one. 

This is Direk Peque Gallaga's comeback and he's also comparing it to his former work Unfaithful Wife. It's comparable to that but this isn't just a plain kabit movie because for starters they have no relationships... it's just pure connections and its complications. That's something to look forward to!

Solenn Heussaff; just the mere mention of her name these days would make men drool. In this film, she shows a feisty, powerful and fierce Sophia. She gets what she wants, anytime, anywhere. She obsesses with Richard's character after getting saved from a fire. Hero or not, she chooses to take economics on a play and hires him to do more than put out fire. She makes the longer nights burn and gets him an offer he can't resist. He wants it too, the passion, the whole story. After doing the stint, she expects him to be hers; but that wasn't the case. Sarah Lahbati, the meek and motherly one who's innocence and love was a more impressive package proved to be the better choice for Richard's character. The conflict erupts and all hell breaks loose for Sophia. When she can't get what she needs, she takes matters into her own hands and does horrible things that all of them wouldn't wish for. Solenn makes a case for a semi deranged person, a lunatic, a maniac, a nut case, a psychopath, a sociopath; you can call her what you want but love just turns on this side of her. Watch the film how she tries to take Richard's character back into her own hands. It won't be easy. She is lauded by Direk Peque Gallaga on this film... that much is said to even include her on his next project. She was that good. Seduction will be shown on January 30, 2013 on theaters nationwide. Expect it to be hotter than usual on that date. Capisce?!

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